Smothered, Covered and…..

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At times I look around, and give out one gigantic sigh… can be so discouraging.  I suppose discouraging can be defined differently depending upon your generation.   Sometimes, disappointing, or frustrating could be interchangeable words in light of today’s reality with discouragment.

Have you eaten at a general, regular, sometimes-chain, (supposed) American food restaurant lately?—Hold this question for later.

Some of the family was sitting around and talking about past things, somehow we (I) began talking about food (one of my favorite past times, not the talking but the eating).  I made the comment, that one of the meals I miss the most, today, (today, meaning our current state of enlightenment on healthy), was pan-fried chicken, (pan-fried being, what we today call free-range chicken, cut up, rolled in flour  and fried in about an inch of almost boiling Crisco) with mashed potatoes and milk gravy!  Makes my mouth water!!  My mother’s fired chicken was the best (of course I grew up on it), and she added a little extra salt while frying.  I’m tasting it, melt in your mouth, make your taste buds stand up, crispy chicken!  (No!!! KFC is NOT the same! Not even close!)  It was at that moment, at the height of my fantisy, that my marathon running, nurse daughter-in-law stated, “That’s not good for you”.  Hence the sigh.  Obviously, she missed the point of my “rememberance” of an old meal, and not having that old-time home cooked meal for over 30 years, meant my wife had already determined the reality of its healthfulness of this meal.

Back to my orginal quesiton: Have you eaten at a general, regular, sometimes-chain, (supposed) American food restaurant lately?—I’ve had many-an opportunity these last 30 years to sample various eating establishments.  Look for chicken on a menu.  First of all, since fried chicken has been deemed a no-no,  it’s not a menu item.  Free Range-fried chicken has been replaced by hormone enriched chicken breasts, that are raised for market in 30 days rather than the usual 90 days.  We have traded cholester for hormones.  Second, if you find chicken, it’s either in some not-so-good for you white sauce or it’s so smother and covered with stuff that you can’t find the chicken.

 (Smothered chicken)

Last week, we visited with my father-in-law, at the Alzheimer’s unit, it’s in that small Mulberry town.  (see the Mulberry RFD blog).  It’s a small village.  As most villages here in the middle midwest; supporting a gas station, a liquor store and a cafe.  It was dinner time, so my wife thought, after the visit,  we should “just eat there”, there being the small town cafe.  (I’m beginning to notice that my wife plans our short trips to span across a meal time, negating the need to prepare food at home!!)  Here we were, entering the South Fork cafe, and that night’s “blue plate special”, was FRIED CHICKEN–all you eat 🙂 , with mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans, all for only $8.95 all you can eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ok, so my wife ordered that smothered and covered hormone enriched chicken….guess what I ordered!!!!  Ok, I didn’t eat much of the chicken skin, but just the taste of fried, on the bone chicken….yum.  And I did eat ALL I wanted, seconds weren’t needed.

Hey…..if you know my daughter-in-law………..please, PLEASE don’t tell her about my chicken dinner…..I’d like to go back there again….and NOT feel quilty!


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3 Responses to Smothered, Covered and…..

  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    Your wife thinks like I do–plan an outing so it spans across a meal time. If that meal time happens to be lunch, I tell my hapless hubbie to “eat hearty because this is dinner.” Gosh. You’ve made me crave fried chicken–haven’t eaten it in years.

  2. Eulalia Griggs says:

    This brought back a lot of memories!
    It does sound good, doesn’t it!

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