They’re Everywhere!

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Every spring, “they” begin warning us that Motorcycles are EVERYWHERE, watch out for them.  I live is the country, in the middle, midwest, yet as recluse as I might be, not far from our resident location are two well travel roads.  One is a state highway with a hill, the other a rural road, used as a short cut from there to beyond there, also with a hill.  I can hear the vehicular motion of the motorcycles even within the confines of my abode, hence I understand when they have been uncaged from winter storage.  (Ok, so my father had a shared ownership in an Indian, and I have ONCE cautiously driven a “bike” around a residential area, but “biking is not in my blood.)

It is true that motorcycles, especially single riders (as opposed to packs of riders), are not easily spotted on the road.  And, I hate to confess, that I AM getting older, which makes me wary of the my continued ability to “quickly” spot a biker.  But, the lack of ability to “spot” is not ALL our (auto-drivers) fault.

We were recently traversing the Chicago Interstate System…at rush hour, actually we were more like attending a used car convention on the interstate.  There were four lanes of us, moving 2 miles per hour then stopping.  There was a fifth lane, exit ramp only, on the far right, three motorcycles came from far back, at around 30 miles per hour, they shot up to the last foot of exit ramp and cut left into the traffic lane!  About 20 minuets later, I was in the second lane from the left, still bumper to bumper, stop and go, when out of the back came five motorcycles, driving between the cars of the two left lanes.

Wonder why these motorcycle riders think they deserve my obedience to “watch out for them”?  Only those riders that observe the same driving rules that I do, deserve respect.


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One Response to They’re Everywhere!

  1. Bev says:

    preach it! I’ve been known to shift my car to the left or right as the case may be to deter these types of cheaters….be they on 2 wheels or 4!

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