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I saw this picture the other day, it is my eldest grandson.  It appears that his father has determined he is old enough to carry the responsiblity of some of the family yard work.

This picture takes back to my earliest days of taking on the family task of mowing our yard.  I dont’ recall it being much fun. Our mower was quite different.  Yes it was what was called a REEL mower.  I was lucky enough to NOT have the manual, push type, reel mower.  Our mower, was POWERED and self propelled. Sort of like this one.

Truly, I don’t recall using this mower very much.  Either I was too young, or there might have been a saftey question, or being self propelled it may have run me across the yard and I couldn’t stop.

Seeing the picture of my grandson made me recall my father’s purchase of our first ROTORY mower.  I don’t know if this purchase was do to a saftey concern, or if dad just wanted to be the first on the block to own one.

We lived in a post World War 2, 900 square foot house with a basement.  I can recall dad brought home this box, put it in the basement, then we hurriedly ate supper.  Dad went down stairs and began assembling the mower.  I don’t recall what all needed to be assembled, but I recall he was at the base of the steps.

He apparently put in the gas and oil and announced he was ready to give it a test start.  Mom went down stairs, I was to stay on the steps above.  Dad, choked it, gave it two pulls and it started!!!  The was a rotory mower and as it is designed, the air flow sort of sucks the grass to stand up while the mower bladed whack off the top of the grass.

Starting the mower in the basement gave off some blue smoke…oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you, that when dad assembled the mower at the base of the steps, the mower was sitting on a 2X4 throw rug.  That mower sucked that rug up and threw the pieces out the side chute!!!

I don’t think anything more need be said about this topic….you get the picture!!!


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