What’s that Foamy Bubbly Stuff

Post #116

I don’t know what this world is coming to!  (Those are same words my grandparents used with I was but a teen—-I guess I’m now in the class of my grandparents.)  It seems that every day changes, change more than I would like to see…and at my age, things become SOOOOOO confusing……

We are here at the summer place….which is supposed to be a period of relaxation, compared to staying at home where all the daily drudgery of maintenance occurs. Yet, why is it that maintenance at the summer place doesn’t seem to be work?

Work or not, maintenance always tends to cause injuries to yours truly.  I had cuts, pokes and splinters in fingers, thumbs, hands and arms.  I can’t remember which projects or fishing trips caused which injuries, and I didn’t much care.

I didn’t care, until some cuts began turning purple and tender.

Upon seeing the infections, my wife took me to the medicine chest and put this foamy bubbly stuff on the cuts and said “there, that should do it!”  What do you mean it should do it…where’s the good stuff!  You, know that good stuff!…the stuff that you just KNOW is working because it stings.

So I began looking for my old stand by in the drug stores, Mathilde or Mercurochrome, the stuff with Iodine, that really stung when you put on open sores…stung so you just KNEW it was working, but when your loving mother blew on the Mercurochrome coated sore the sting went away.

I have found that the Government PULLED the healing miracle product.  Something to with MERC****, like ah, mercury.

Where do they grow these government people?

Some reports indicate that mercury is dangerous ONLY in its elemental form, not in these products..  Reading the information in WISEGEEK, it says that the mercury content was trace only, and there had never been a link to ANY mercury poisoning by using these products.

Interesting how the FDA can jump on some trace elements, but miss all those production places that let E coli make it into human food.  !!!!Whoa, I’d better be careful or some Government Protected Food Industry will sue me for defamation of product!!!!!!   So, unless I’m like Ophra with big bucks (which I’m not) don’t say anything disparaging about the beef industry, because it’s against the law. You can be sued like she was. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Food_libel_laws

If you read my recent blog about “Stupid Is as Stupid Does”, you will understand, when I say the Beef Lobby, had laws passed that stated that you can’t say anything disparaging about beef production.  The Beef Growers association can sue the life out of you, and make you roll over and play dead!

Opps, there I go getting side tracked again.

Anyway, how can I trust anything that doesn’t sting!!  The stinging is how I knew it was working!!  That foamy bubbly stuff just sits there…how can anyone tell if it works?  Maybe just because you expecting it to work it does, which means this is a placebo and nothing really works…..

Boy, I don’t know what this world is coming to…………………..


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Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, being with my grandchildren, friends and family
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