It’s Crime

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Who’s at fault?

It seems this generational society likes to place the blame.  It places the blame ANYWHERE, but at its own door step.  If you listen to children, their excuses mirror the thinking of their parents.  (Truthfully, I never enjoyed psychology in College, but some things are, just as they are).  “It wasn’t MY fault I PUNCHED him in the nose, he looked side ways at me!”   I started hearing it a couple of generations back.  The reason he is like is he, is because of his relationship with his (father/mother/bother/sister/coach, insert your choice).

It seems that these hot summer months have produced a plethora of gun fatalities.  I am becoming aggravated with the coverage the press gives on these shooting.  People on the edge seem to want publicity of their acts spread across the nation.  Seemingly its the only way to get attention. Terminology subtly moves fact reporting to opinion reporting.  “It was a tragic situation at ____” .  STOP!!  Ok, so it was tragic, but let’s call it what is was, it was a CRIME, a CRIMINAL act.

I guess it is no wonder why, my number of friends is limited.  “I” believe; I can often see both sides of a stituation, thereby alienating both groups from my list of friends.  Yes, I wonder about the sanity of owning, keeping, and using assault weapons.  No, I don’t believe guns or gun manufacturers are the criminals.

It seems that those who don’t own a gun think all guns are killers and more than two guns is an arsenal.

Looking for some statistics to compare; in 2006 there were 31,800 gun deaths, but there were 43, 664 automobile deaths. ( If we think its a good idea to sue gun manufacturers, shouldn’t we also sue automobile manufacturers?  Drilling down further, that same year, 12,791 homicides were with guns, but 13,470 automobile deaths were caused by drunk drivers. let’s sue alcohol manufacturers.  The loss of family, to each of these events is tragic, BUT they are both crimes, and should be viewed and treated accordingly. We don’t hear the same rhetoric from the national press about an imposition/limitation do to alcohol related drunk-driving deaths.  Maybe all press people are drinkers and they want to protect their own “kind”?

Which brings me back to who’s at fault, obviously the perpetrator.  In Aurora, the perpetrator had been analyzed with a “mental concern” in his PhD program, but left “before anything could be done”.   The Army officer’s mentality in Ft Hood, Texas, was questioned enough to negate a promotion, before his rampage.

I must confess, that in my youth I was a small game hunter and enjoyed every moment of it.   However, the “encroachment” of population and my wife’s dislike for the taste of wild game has left my weapon locked up.  The passing of an ancestor here or there, has given me a family heirloom on occasion, that would undoubtedly classify me as a keeper of an arsenal.

I was sitting in the auto dealer’s customer service waiting room.  The five or six customers before me had received their bills and departed.  Another gentlemen came in, brief case in hand and sat down at a table behind me.  I was busy reading.  I heard what sounded like frustration or agitation behind me.  The young man behind me, asked if I got internet service here?   ??????  I’m NOT a tech-o-geek, but some things I do understand.  I stated (or implied) that no, my “Nook” doesn’t connect with this (the dealerships) server. He commented that he’s got a wireless (router?) connection as home (the west side of town-7 miles away!!) and can’t understand why he is unable to get connected here.   (???)  Was he thinking he could “hit” his home router here, or that the WHOLE town was wireless covered?

Then he asked me where I worked. I replied I’d been retired for 6 years.  But, he said from where?  I told him.  He says, “do you think they are hiring?”  I said, “I been retired, I wouldn’t know.”  He then explained he had worked in a small retail business in a smaller, neighboring town, but they closed for lack of money, and that the he had tried a number of banks, but none would lend them any money to stay open.   ?????

I said back down, but then he began mumbling. ????  I got up to get some more coffee, and checked—–NO!!!, he didn’t have ANY Bluetooth device.

My bill came, thankfully, and I shot out of there like a bullet!!!!

Whose to blame?  Did I just witness a future tragedy?  Do, I fall into the same classification as the Aurora PhD review board, Ft. Hood, Penn State?  What is that saying; “Hindsight is always SO much clearer”.

I think our society is a little too soft.  We spend way too much time AND money, letting convicted killers appeal.  Crime must be punished.

No wonder, I have a limited amount of friends……  “Whiskey for my Men and Beer for my Horses….”


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