To Remember or Not to Remember

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To Remember or Not to Remember–that is the question!

This is the 11th anniversary of 9/11.  The newscasters are really playing up this anniversary.  The “Where were you” questions, and “what are you doing to keep this date in your memory”?  “What should we do to be sure our children always remember.”

I just have to chuckle…. Ok, don’t get side-tracked and don’t jump to conclusions, I believe this is a serious date.  But, really, two things the newscasters are missing; 1.  There is NEVER one date that stands out from amongst them all and 2. there are radical factions of Muslim followers that believe its their “right” to attack, but not to BE attacked.

Ok, so this is the anniversary of an attack on U.S. soil, but so was December 7, 1941.  Hawaii was American soil, even if not a state then.  How about remembering the true Armistice Day, November 11th, which ended WWI, later the ending of WWII was coupled to the 11th and called Veterans Day.  Wait, I’ve got one for you, how about the date the American Civil War ended?  No, I don’t know that one.

The point is, that “trying” to remember a date, only has significance to those that it directly affected.  Generations to come, will have other dates that they will deem much more significant to remember.

Maybe the point that newscaster are trying or should be trying to make is that American’s are an “ok, that’s that, let’s move one” people.  Others civilizations are not/may not be mover-on’ers, rather, they are hanger-on’ers.  Viet Nam should have taught us that you can’t go in with a 5 point check list, limit yourself to a boundary radius, and solve a 10,000 year old civil conflict.  Even if you’re not a biblical scholar, as an historian you will realize that the radical Muslin issue can be traced back to ‘father’ Abraham.

Ok, maybe I’ve just convinced myself, yes we SHOULD remember, but maybe not so much for the date, as for the WHY.  If you understand the why the date is important, we won’t be so cavalier about our security.


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