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Stop and consider your life, how you were raised. If you can’t remember very far back, consider how you have, or are raising your children.

Every day is a measure of goals and achievements.  Think about walking.  You first took a step, then someone held out their arms across the room and encouraged you to take more steps.  So it is, all through life. Moving from walking, to talking, to reasoning, to school subjects.  Always, someone was or is there to encourage you. To help you set the bar of achievement.

We have nine grandchildren in various stages of goal setting and education.  Ali, the youngest of four sisters began pre-school this year, three days a week.  The day before her first school day, grandma asked if she was excited; Ali said,  “Actually………..no”.  Actually….Ali, in this sense sounds a lot like grandpa.  I never really “bought” into someone else’s goal setting concepts.  I would much rather have been bike riding, playing with friends or watching TV.  (TV was only 3 channels back then)  Be that as it may, I struggled, and maneuvered through years of school.  My goals were minimal, “let’s just get this over with and move on”.

We did moved on, from grammar school, high school and through college.  We worked, provided for and raised our family.  I was focused, then on providing, food, shelter, clothing and family needs, goal setting was not in my sight.

The day came for my retirement.  People asked, what are you going to do? (implying that I now had 40+ hours/week free, I had time for something more).  Math was a topic I dreaded though all the school years.  I decided I wanted to go back and pick-up, at my leisure, an understanding of those school topics that I had just whizzed through in my early days…….  Don’t get me wrong, I had not planned to study my retirement years away.  Yes, I have/had plenty of time, since I retired.  But, I also enjoyed cutting, splitting, stacking and burning firewood, doing remodeling or modifications to bathrooms, basements, plumbing, electricity, wall painting etc. during my retirement years.

I’ve been retired for six years. I’ve spent a lot of time with Christian friends, family, (not enough time with grandkids), and yet the math books sit.  Yes, I opened the college physics to an interesting chapter for a couple of days. Then I eventually slid backwards to geometry, then algebra II, and I’ve now relegated back to the starting point of algebra I.

As I think about it…..my goal setting, “Actually”……hasn’t changed in 60 years!   But at least I’m not up-tight about it!


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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