Coming of Age

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Do you remember, Coming of Age? 

Coming of age…..maybe I should ask; what do you think coming age means?  As I delve back into my past, it seems the term “used to represent” a lady who had attained the dating/marrying age.  But, that definition comes from a Victorian era, long gone.

I recall coming of age, as those milestones that represent points of my life.  Getting my driver’s license, my first time to vote, etc.

I may have mentioned, we made some new friends a couple of years ago.  This couple has a summer retreat, near our vacation spot.  Our schedule and theirs never seemed to open up for a gathering last year.  I managed to drive over to thier place, one fall day, to invite them over if they were home.  I did find them, but the air seemed tense.  He and one of his sons was preparing to put the boat away and then pull the dock from the lake.  It seems at the age of 73, his wife had made up her mind that he should have assistance with these fall projects.  (It was not sitting well with him.)  I gave my cordials, then left.  I pondered his predicament and wondered how I would react, when I became too old to do what I had been doing for 4o or more years.

Fall has arrived, and my fishing partner returned to his home to work.  So, on Monday, I decided to take the boat out fishing………my wife was determined to go with me.  Now, let’s get this picture correct.  I LOVE having my wife go fishing with me….but she’s not a fisher-person.   She brought her book along and read while I was casting and drifting around one of my secret spots.  Now, she did this two days in a row!!!  So, I asked, Why are you coming with me?  She said, she didn’t want me to be alone..??  Interesting, she can’t swim, doesn’t often wear a life jacket, she has no strength in her arthritic hands, how could she save me?  On the other hand, I used to swim well, I wear an automatic inflatable life vest, which activities as soon as I hit the water!

So, as I look upon it, my wife’s love for me, shows that again, I’ve Come of Age.  I’ve come of age, in the middle of my sixth decade, that something I used to do “without” thought now requires a second thought, and more caution.

I should follow this story up with the rfest of the story……On Wednesday, the daytime temperature, dropped 15 degrees and the wind blew from the north, I went fishing…… wife stayed home……. 

I guess coming to age is restricted to a temperature range…   🙂


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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    I love this one!

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