Movies, movies, movies-Part 1

Post #129

I began thinking about movies the other day, and as I looked at my DVD’s over there in the case, it started me thinking how things have changed.

I mentioned in the earlier blog, “A Man Called Peter”, that I had seen the movie, as child at the drive-in.  Many of you probably don’t know or have never seen a drive-in, like dinosaurs, they have become a thing of the past.  Someone would take a big field, place a humongous movie screen in it, run a bunch of speaker wire, and you had an outdoor theater. Cars would be lined up from all directions to pay the 50 cents to enter.  You would drive in, choose a row, turn left and pick a spot to park the car.  The parking spaces had been elevated so the front of the car was higher than rear, which allowed for better screen viewing.  The speaker was on a pedestal, AND of course they were monotone, with an off/on/volume knob, you would hang the speaker on top edge of the car window.  In the middle of the lot was the block building that housed projection, snack bar and rest rooms. There were TWO cartoons and TWO feature movies.  To save money you could bring your own popcorn and drinks.  Life was great in the 50’s.

In my parents youth, movies were seen at the “movie house”.  The Saturday matinée included the “serials”, continuing stories of heroes, and of course leading up to and during WWII, news clips on the battle with the Axis powers.

Hi-fidelity, stereo and Dolby sound signaled the demise of the drive-in, in favor of the movie theater.  At the movie theater, you saw the main attraction, and two cartoons along with a couple of promo-clips. The movie theater, being too large and too slow to change films, gave way to the multi-screen, yet smaller capacity, cinema’s.

My wife who enjoyed being taken to a movie in her dating years, has moved away from that desire, (maybe it’s the company she’s stuck with??-who said that) explaining she rather we pick out a movie to watch at home, and if she likes it, she’ll stay, if not, she leaves, to do something worth while…..I tend to watch most movies alone. In the world of watch-at-home movies, technology has moved us from Beta, to VHS, DVD, and Blue Ray.  I used to like technology, but no longer.  I finally jumped into VHS, about the time technology moved us into DVD.  So, now I have a DVD/VHS combination player….I’m not going to Blue Ray.  Sort of reminds me of the audio technology, reel-to-reel to 4-track to 8-track to cassette to CD, as I awaited the mini-disc, the world side-stepped me and jumped to ipods.

As I look to the fringe of MY universe, I can see on demand audio and video at your finger-tips.  Neflix!!!!   Hey, it’s not that I wouldn’t like to chose Netflix, but there is this communication problem…  I can’t get it here.  I have yet to see how NetFlix can do  over the air-waves onto my antenna-TV. The saying goes, “What We have here is failure to communicate”. (movie-Cool Hand Luke)

Yep, I sure got a lot of movies over there on the self.


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