Movies, movies, movies-Part 2

Post #130

So, I’m talking about movies.  And I was sitting there in front of the TV and watching the Emmy Awards.  I watched for the production.  I really enjoy all effort that goes into its production.  But, I’ve not a clue who those people are getting the awards.  The shows…????  I guess those shows are on “Pay TV”.  I have explained previously, that I have free TV, not Pay TV.  In fact, I couldn’t pay enough to get pay tv here.

Honestly, I had pay TV once, (before HD and digital, whose signals are now un-obtainable in the deep woods) where else could I watch 12 hours of Petty Coat Junction, followed by 6 hours of Green Acres.  The next evening I could change channels and watch 6 consecutive episodes of CSI Year 2, or 3 hours of Little House on the Prairie and 4 hours of Touched by and Angel.  Wait, aren’t these all shows that were first on FREE TV, which are now filling airtime on Pay TV???

Truthfully, there were a couple of people awarded Emmy’s that I had seen, somewhere.  I think there may even and been someone in MY AGE GROUP!  But at my age I’ve forgotten who they were.

My eyes again swept to the right of the TV set, to the two hand-built cases that hold my VHS and DVD movies, and I’m thinking almost everyone, as I’m staring in my movies, have either left the industry for a private island somewhere, or are no longer walking on this world.

The Kid In Me

I stated in Part 1 of this blog, that I usually watch movies alone.  I don’t posses enough “chick flicks” to keep my wife’s attention. The action films are too violent and my favorite westerns are too out-dated. I see movie promo’s on TV and wonder WHO watches that stuff?  What demographic are they aiming for?  Notice that a movie hits number one for a week only!

I have concluded, the only “stuff” worth watching are the animated feature films.  We’ve come a long way from “Steamboat Willy”.  Let me name a few of my favorites, the Shrek series, The Incredibles, Up…..there are others.  I would like to buy MORE of these.  There seems to be a great selection of these films to watch/own and enjoy, with their subtle adult humor.  I can watch these without embarrassment, as you are aware, movies with “real” people usually get those people put into situations that adds nothing to a plot, but only modifies the rating.

This desire to watch the animated films must be the kid in me coming out.  Oh, yeah, I also watch these features alone.  My wife prefers any other diversion to watching cartoons, that’s when she catches  up with her reading, cross stitching, dusting, vacuuming, etc.

Hey, its alright, my grandkids, need another kid with them to watch animated features!  Hey, pass the popcorn, Connor.


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