Push the Cart Addendum

Blog #132

WE ventured back to the grocery story, after I wrote the “Push the Cart” story.  Immediately upon entering, I said I’d be in the magazine area, awaiting my wife’s conclusion of this expedition.

Since we were on a mission that placed us in a different part of town, we opted for a somewhat unfamiliar grocery….There was NO magazine section.  Not having a magazine section I knew my wife wouldn’t be able to find me…worse than that, I would ramble aimlessly up and down the isles with a glaze look across my eyes.

I chinched up my belt, threw back my shoulders and courageously ventured into the world of groceries, looking for my wife.  I discovered her amongst the fruits and vegetables searching for the caramel dip.   We were expecting company and one of the offerings of the evening was to be sliced apples with caramel dip.  Understand that, she was in possession of the “list”.  We had jointly contributed to the items upon the “list”.  But, like bath towels in the bath, there were hers and his items upon the list.

We arrived home and I earnestly carried in and began removing our purchases from the bags.  I often hear about the necessity to “eat healthier”.  I unpacked the bagels, hum, something new, a thinner, bagel, hence fewer calories, better for you!  Carmel Dip, regular size, regular sugar, NOT LIGHT!

HEY!!  Wait-a-minute.  Why are the things that I put on the list coming out of the sack, LIGHT or LOW CALORIE?  The things on the list that you wanted and are coming out of the sack NORMAL?

Depends on who’s doing the shopping, she says!!


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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