Hold Your Breath–It’s October

Post # 133

This has been quite a year….so far, at least.  Through my extended life time, I have realized that certain events just seem occur in cycles.  It’s NOT an omen, I didn’t do anything wrong, it’s not retribution—-it just is!!!

I can remember my father saying, as he was grumbling about his 1957 Mercury with “push-button” transmission…”the more stuff you put on a car, the more than can go wrong”!

It started this last winter, I think, right around the first of the year.  Ok, this house is no longer new, it’s nine years old–as is all of its components.  It began with a relay switch.  We have in floor heating, controlled by a computer system and seven different thermostats, a call for heat in a room, works a relay, one began clickety-clack sounds.  It couldn’t be determined which of five it was, and a new box with five relays already placed was only 20 % more than a single relay.  We ordered a new relay box with the five new relays in it.  A couple of weeks later, a switch valve went out.  The relay opens a switch valve and lets warm water through the pipes and heats the floor.

In early spring we had the air conditioner checked and found that a new evaporate was required!  We ordered the evaporator and had it installed.

Two weeks later, the control board of the boiler went out, we had to install a new boiler ( you may want to refer to my ranting on the Peerless Pinnacle P199 Boiler blog of 04/24/12) ….yeah, we could have gone with the less expensive one which would use MORE gas, or the top of the line, efficient model.  Ok, efficiency always gets me….we got it installed just before we took off for the summer.  (However, we would be returning home off and on.)  The new boiler required a few visits by techs to get the boiler computer talking to the switch-valve/relay computer. (“the more things your put in a house, the more that go wrong!”)

We summer in a 40-year-old mobile home….I don’t know how it happened but this year (actually I do, it began with the counter top falling a part)  I tiled the bathroom counter, it looked so good and made the bathroom floor look so shabby, that I decided to tile the bathroom floor, that made the walls look shabby, so I installed knotty pine and sealed them…which requred I yank out the leaky bathroom window and re-do it.  Not to be out done, the kitchen counter had been popping its linoleum for 15 years; so enough re-glueing, we had a new counter installed and I installed a new deeper sink, faucet and drains.

Since we are in a fishing camp, we have boat, the motor of which has become tired, the steering is giving out and some drain hoses are leaking….temporary repairs got us through to winter-storage time.  Winter storage has the boat lined up for a major overhaul.

Not to be out done, the tractor I bought last Christmas , has required a couple of service techs, to repair manufacturing defects.

Let’s not forget that I strained my long bicep in May, tore it completely loose in July (well at least the pain went away).  Went to the doctor, orthopedic surgeon, MRI, X-ray people and found that, repairable it is, long-term successful it is not–no guarantees. Ok, so its my fault for putting this off until October.

This has been an EXPENSIVE year….Hold your breath, it’s October, maybe we can make through the rest of the year without anything else going wrong..

Wait…………..??????    What’s that wining sound coming from the garbage disposal???


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Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, being with my grandchildren, friends and family
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