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At the university, I had a class on botany.  At that time of my life, I didn’t have ANY direction as to my life’s work.  So, I spent my early university life majoring in changing majors.  I believe I finally settled on majoring in minors.  I think I have a minor in almost everything except foreign language which was the ONE thing I was attempting to avoid.  Somewhere in one of my course corrections, I had to take this botany class.  The most interesting aspect of the class, was the professor who could remember the name of every one of the 300+ students AND which seat they sat in the lecture hall!

There’s really only two things I remember from class; one, that the reason plants “turn” to the sun, is because the sun, through photosynthesis, limits cell elongation on the sun lit side of the stem and two, the reason leaves are green is because of chlorophyl.

We here in the middle mid-west have suffered through one of the worst droughts in history, at least back to the dust bowl era.  I’m not here to discuss or expound upon the truths, myths or arguments of global warming–oops, I mean global climate change (If I’m not politically correct some government agency will surely get me–what’s happened to the Republic??-There I go again.)

A number knowledgable persons have stated that do to the summer drought, fall colors will be less than spectacular this year.  Ok, I’ll accept that they took more botany classes than I did.  But, as I look out here, the chlorophyl is “escaping” from these leaves, leaving the remaining colors.  The trees in MY woods are bursting out in vibrant yellows and reds like I’ve never seen.  I guess my trees didn’t listen to the experts.

Is it MY imagination or is a reality, that just as the colors begin to peak, the wind blows harder and longer, while rain is more driving, which brings every leaf to the ground at my feet?  The maples were yellows and reds, the ash (before the ash bore annihilates them) are amber, the hickory’s are golden, fantastic.  Well, that was yesterday.  Today, I can seen my neighbors.  I now have what my granddaughter calls “spiky trees”, leafless trees.


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