The Election

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It is marvelous, the country in which we live.  Where else can you choose someone for an elected government office and know with confidence that one will step aside and one will assume.  No wars, no military coup, or brandishing of weapons.  With the hundreds of countries in this world, few go through such an event, calmly.

I’ve been able to vote since Richard M. Nixon ran for the office, the second time.  I’ve not missed an election, deeming it not only my right, but my responsiblity.

Almost everybody has certainly made up their minds by now, even if they say they haven’t.  There are two things at the forefront of my consideration.

Health Care:

The “Obama” plan has ONE and ONLY ONE virtue, it requires Health Insurance company’s to prove they’ve expensed 85% of their premium income to health costs or refund the difference to policy holders.  Other than that, “Obama” care has not dropped health costs one penny, nor does the infusion of multitudes decrease my premiums, because taxes will need to pay for the “enlistees” short fall.  Additionally, the plan DOES call for an “appointed” board to determine the coverages, costs, etc. a board that will take mine and my doctors concerns off the table, in favor of standardized coverage.

The Romney approach, seems to be to un-wrap whats been done, which insures that health cost will go up, which means my premiums will go up, which means those without insurance, will continue going to the emergency room, which means my taxes will go up to pay the hospital; the hospital bills the county, who bills the state, who bills the federal government, who bills me in my taxes.

The Economy:

So, under Obama, we have borrowed a bunch more money, which puts us in greater debt, beyond what we can currently, as a country, pay.  All that I hear, is some need to pay more tax. The problem is it never stops with the other guy paying the tax, they eventually get down to you and me paying more.  It might just be as subtle as eliminating mortgage deductions on your tax return.  Yes, yes, this increasing of debt has gone on for years, from presidents on both sides of the aisle.

So, under Romney, what I hear is…no more borrowing, costs will be cut!  To make this work, costs need to be cut drasticly…..economically, this could result in the current recession being extended another 10 years or so.  What to be cut is the question.  Of course the target is entitlements…which seems to always be Social Security and Medicare. BUT the talk seems to only be to cut the entitlements for those that paid into it…the “freeloaders” that ride and never pay, which are called are the unfortunates that will continue getting “entitlements”.  Oh yeah, and no one ever talks of cutting the entitlements of foreign counties.  You say what entitlements to foreign countries?  It’s known as discretionary funds of the State Department.  That’s the money used to “buy protection/allegiance/information” from countries in areas that don’t really like us.  It’s sort of like buy protection of a gang, so they won’t throw a rock through your window.

After hearing all the promises,  I have to reflect back on all the promises previously made to me, by former candidates…humm, I don’t believe that since I’ve been voting, that 10% of the promises have been kept!

Here’s the really quirky thing…..seemingly it doesn’t matter who we PUT into the office of president, because WE tend to vote in a congress that doesn’t work with them. We voters seem to think that if we mix-and-match the congress, it will be a check-and-balance system.  But this sort of voting tends to slow down the process, which causes compromises of which the results are usually abhorring to everyone.

We have some problems in the country that need repairing..the selfishness of the two-party system-that puts party above country, the need for term limits, the elimination of PACs and Super-PACs..whose money destroy people, without retribution.

I guess, I’m still one of the few, trying to decide which tiger’s tail to grab on to.


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One Response to The Election

  1. tom.swartz says:

    Terry, the Obama administration is the first to force hospitals and private businesses to provide medical coverage which goes against their religious beliefs. Also, it has borrowed us almost into oblivion. I would hope that you can see fit to vote against these 2 things. tom

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