The New Normal

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Yep, it’s over.  Some might say it’s finally over.  Stop and reflect.  Don’t just scratch the surface, dig for the deeper meanings.  The Election of 2012 is over.  Certainly I hope you voted.  Which sound bite influenced you the most?

Some of my observations.

-In one pre-election comment, a Black Harvard Professor stated the races are farther apart today than in the previous election.

-One NBC analyst stated that if you criticized President Obama’s job performance it was deemed as  a racist position.

-The morals of the first openly lesbian elected senator were not called into question, but the religious conviction of at least two defeated senatorial candidates was deemed their down fall.

-Women who promote abortion believe that men have no right to an opposing opinion.

-Interesting that the “middle class” couldn’t relate to a rich man, any yet aspires to be one.

-Political Commentary from a pulpit is illegal, for fear of losing Religious Recognition by the Government (tax exempt status) or worse, confiscation of assets, for failure to pay back taxes due to loss of exempt status.

-There is a “big push” this time by the churches in this country to recognize, realize and promote post-election unity.  In light of Romans 13, its right and meet to do so.  But where was this push before the election.  Even Moses’s Pharaoh was under Romans 13.   Last night I sat in Post-Election-Poll-Closing sanctuary, looking around, no one under 40 was there, other than the Pastors. Where were the youth, off celebrating the “New Normal”.

-The adult practice of intimidation is subtle and yet effective, that’s how positions are won. We are the role models for our children.  We employ the double standard, we can intimidate, you shouldn’t bully.  And yet,there is no difference between the two.

The New Normal: lack of religious conscience, guidance, and morals.  The other side has convinced us that it’s ok “to give up the valleys, and fight for the peaks”.  But STOP, think, the more you give up, the less there is to stand for–the NEW NORMAL.

This is just one of a ga-zillion blogs, comments or recitations that will fall into the abyss of the new normal and be forgotten tomorrow.


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One Response to The New Normal

  1. bev says:

    we don’t fall into the under 40 crowd anymore either – but were at a Fall Sports Awards night – who schedules these things on Election Day???

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