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Where is Williston, N.D.?

I met Mike in Anoka, Minnesota.  He was the manager of a glass replacement company.  I was fairly new to the area, having been placed there by my employer.  Looking for a way to meet some of the locals, I transferred into the Anoka Optimist Club, from membership in South Bend, Indiana.  One day Mike invited me to lunch, interesting, I barely new him and had been a club member for only a couple of years.  Mike,  in line to be the next Club President, wanted me to be his Secretary Treasurer.  I must have been drugged by his recommendation of Blue-Cheese dressing (something I can not stand), for I said I would.  In that relationship, I learned that Mike was from Williston, North Dakota and had attended Notre Dame…….I’ve been to Notre Dame.  But, he corrected me, he had attended Notre Dame of CANADA, a stark, barren harsh campus, compared to its counterpart at South Bend, Indiana.

The thought of Mike and his home town of Williston became lost in 30 subsequent years of family, work, stress, relocation, et al.  That is, until I became re-acquainted with a friend of my parents from Fargo.  He began explaining the problems in Williston.  MacDonald’s, so he says, along with other types of businesses in the area, not directly in Williston, has had to close for lack of workers.

It wasn’t that there weren’t people to work, it was that everyone was working the boom.  It seems that Williston is right on the edge of the largest oil reserve find in this nations history.  There is enough oil there to provide all of this country’s needs well into the next 30 years.  No one will work for MacDonald’s wages.  Apartments once rented by senior citizen retirees are now longer affordable to them.  They are required to find housing in some distant community.  The story is that traveling the 2-lane roads are unsafe, do to the heavy amount of tanker truck traffic.

I looked up the oil field on the computer search and found LOTS of oil wells, and ZKADS of small refieries…..but there is not a pipe line from there to anywhere.  All petroleum must be moved by tanker.

Williston……..I hadn’t thought of Williston for 30 years…..you know, I keep hearing that we need to punch more wells in the gulf and in the Atlantic….why don’t we just build another pipe line for Williston…

I beginning to believe that we don’t want to be oil sufficient, its beginning to smell like we are “required” to buy Arab oil.


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