Looking Older

Post #139

My wife’s birthday is upon me.  She reached 64 this year.  In a moment of conversation she looked at me and stated, ” I see you’re looking older”.   I was shocked!  As we get older, there are just SOME things you have to accept.

We’ve been married 43 years, and as an obidient husband, I learned long ago, that certain terms, words or phrases a husband just  has to “put up on the shelf”  and never use, such as; “you’re getting older”, “I see wrinkles”, “crows feet”, “a grey hair”, “sagging”, “paunch”, etc.

True, I have been noticing, that the person looking back in the mirror at me, has not a hint of resemblance to anyone who used to look back at me.

You know that you’ve aged when, you meet a former close friend, who after 20 years absence, looks at you and has no idea who you are, and then tries to cover it up with “Oh, Yeah, I remember”.

I don’t know how our children see us.  Well, yes I do.  Aging changes are subtle between 20 to 30, or even 30 to 40, but they are vivid between 60-70. Our daughter, who  lives near enough to see us on a regular basis, would see little change.  Our sons, whom we see less often would see a great change.  I guess Einstein’s theory of Relativity would somehow apply here-Aging is more noticeable the less often you see someone (or the further away you are).

Back to our recent conversation; “I was shocked!”  As the two us get older, we talk in the first person singular; “I feel older today”, “I feel an ache in my joints today”, “I don’t see myself in the mirror anymore”.  But here, in my wife’s  conversation, a new precedent was set.  Well, let me think, no…probably not a new precedent, rather its the same old standard.

She gets to say whatever she wants, my words on the other hand, must remain on the shelf.  Just a word of caution to all of those men-readers who are decades behind me but are anticipating making it to my decade.  Keep your words on the self…


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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