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It began around 1989.  I had always laughed at those, that acquired it.  And I made jokes like everyone else in my generation.  But there it was, looking back at me, right into my eyes.  I said it would never happen, but, there it was.

We had been working and living in the upper midwest for twelve years, just outside Minneapolis.  It was a great time. A growing time for our young family.  And then a late night call, days of interviews, discussions, proposals, and here we were, transferred back into the middle midwest.

It began subtlety.  The little American Flag, in color, on an other wise black and white page.  I guess I’ll blame my love of history for sucking me into this.

In our little town, the paper had an American flay by the obits of each veteran.  We didn’t know many people, or of their relationships in the town, but I would stop and read the portion that dealt with, service to our country.  We have since moved about an hour north of there, and we both have relatives and acquaintances here in the community.  I read the obits every day.  Ok, Ok, I know the joke; “First thing I do every morning is check the obits to make sure my name is not there”.  That’s not as funny when you are in your 60’s!   It used to be, people wanted to know and the paper wanted to share that information. But recently the local paper charges almost $300 for the obit(here in 2012).  You’d think we were taking out an advertisement!

In this town’s newspaper there is no American flag, so that requires skimming all of the obits, looking for familiar names or places.  Last week this obit caught my eye.  No, I didn’t know the name, or where he worked, or where he had lived.  It was the size of the obit, three columns long!  I began skimming his accomplishments, he must have been three people!

I began to think…..I wonder what someone will write in my obit????  Maybe I should write my own obit.  I like that!!!, I could be certain the facts were correct, and the important accomplishments shared.  I began listing what I’ve done–oh, well, I’d better not write about that or this other thing. 

Wait, isn’t writing your own obit somewhat self-serving?

So I’m back to thinking what I would like to see in my obit……(but not tomorrow).

I guess just this simple thought.  “He was a loving son, husband and father, who dearly loved his family, who placed his faith in the hope of the Lord”.

I guess I really don’t need three columns of fluff!!!


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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