Riding in the back seat

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It’s that time of year, people call it the holidays, I call it for what it truly is, Christmas, the remembrance of Christs’ birth.  This time of year we get wrapped up in trees, ornaments, smiles and lists from children.

In my generation retailers flooded us with Christmas catalogues, Sears, JC Penny’s and Montgomery Wards.  I would sit and circle 50% of the toys on the pages, then go back again and again and make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Recently my oldest grandson, Connor emailed us his wish “list”.

There is a point in a grandchild’s time that grandpa knows everything, and then comes the time when the old man doesn’t know a thing.  I know the list came from Connor, because of the email address, but he SIGNED it “Megatron”.  Megatron!!  I remember Megatron, because he’s been around a long time, and has probably changed as much as I have.

Megatron is in sixth grade. I can see it, Connor desires to be someone, something else, a different personality, a person!

Megatron made me reflect back to my eighth grade.  I was in a new school, new house, new town.  I felt totally out-of-place.  No friends. Did you ever go through that? I felt so out-of-place that I even changed my name to Max!  The name Max, symbolized to me, a third-party, unknown, straight man is a particular TV show (sort of like the character in “Chicago” that sings “Mr. Cellophane”).  Today, we see that same introspection in the kids with dyed black hair, black nails, black t’s and pants, they feel lost, alone and yet the center of criticism.

In eighth grade I was as tall as my mother, but still in everyone’s eye’s a child.  I can remember by father saying one time….”the body of a man and the mind of a child”, boy does that put you in your place.

I rode in the back seat of the car.  Reflect back on your youth, think about riding in the back seat, especially when you believed you were old enough to make your own decisions. As a kid, it was sort of demeaning, makes you feel out-of-place, in a different world, at least that’s what you think when you’re a kid.

I may be old(er) but I CAN remember what megatron is going through.  He wants toys but has nearly outgrown them. He now has his braces, and doesn’t smile much.  Yeah, he rides in the back seat with three other siblings.  Back seat rides are different today, sort of, there are DVD’s to watch and DS’s to play, but it’s still all introspective.

Megatron has a busy life, and grandpa isn’t close, but I hope I can be there for him…..maybe we can go for a ride in the front seat.


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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