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In my mid-20’s, I remember visiting my grandparents for family events.  It always seemed that grandpa’s vegetable soup was thin but his coffee was strong.  I can remember him saying that as you get older you lose your taste.

Today, I have noticed that coffee, I love coffee, doesn’t taste as good as it used to.  So, I make it stronger.  I like to complain that they don’t make the coffee as good as they used to, it can’t be me.

I really want to talk about the Indiana Tax Court Case, Indianapolis Fruit.  State taxation is a favorite topic with me…..but I don’t want to talk about taxes here.

What I want to talk about it the “manufacturing” process at Indianapolis Fruit.  For the majority of my life I have enjoyed BANANAS.  The flavor is so unique, and yet in recent years, the favor just has not been there.  Eating bananas has been a disappointment.  The loss of the banana taste was a turning point in the recognition of my getting older, and my grandfather’s words ringing in my ears…”as you get older, you lose your taste”.

I read with great interest the Indianapolis Fruit Tax Court Case; there is this section on bananas.  It seems that bananas are shipped to the Indianapolis Fruit plant from Central and South America.  The Court Document explains that bananas ripen naturally by the self-production of ethylene gas.  It is this gas that causes the banana flavor and yellow color to the peel. The court case explains further, that due to shipping distances, growers have produced hybrid banana trees that don’t produce the ethylene gas.

Indianapolis Fruit receives hard, green bananas, then subjects them to ehtylene gas for ripening.

Ah Ha!  In nature, ethylene will be produced by the tree and the banana ripened from the inside out, in our mass-market system, ethylene gas in introduced from the outside, to make the peel turn yellow!  So, it’s NOT my taste buds after all.  Industry has modified the banana for their own benefit NOT for me.

I feel vindicated!  At not being so old after all.


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  1. David and Tammie Olson says:

    LOLO You goofball!

    Loved it!

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