Driving Along….

Post # 149

“Driving along in my automobile”…..was a tune from the 60’s.  It reminds me of…..a story.

Years before the Blue Laws were replaced, people had little to do on a Sunday, go to church, have a meal with friends or family and/or go for a drive.  (There was a time in this country that NOTHING was open for business on a Sunday)  It seemed that on Sunday, all the farmers got out and drove around the country side to see what improvements the other farmers were doing.  They would drive as slow (so it seemed) as an ant crossing the road.  It’s where we get the term, “Sunday Driver” any other day of week….when we’re wanting to go and someone is holding us back!

Here in the middle midwest, we do not seem to have the ecological standards that many of you have.  Many of you recycle, bottles, boxes, plastic bags, and newspapers to name a few. Its a commendable effort that helps our land fills.  Others of us, because local politicians are focused on more important legislation, like the naming of the State Pie, we don’t have an authorized, approved recycling plan.  Well that not really true, we do have a gully, and I approve that and for some articles and we have barrel… (burn barrel that is).  Here in the country we “get” to dispose of certain articles in the age-old customary manner.

During spring break, we get to entertain some of our grandchildren.  Actually, we have them part of a week and the other grandparents (within 45 miles) has them the rest of the week.  This particular spring break, we had driven mid-week the 45 miles and pickup everyone.  We had been advised that it had been a contentious few days.

Realize, unlike the parents, our vehicle was designed for the older generation, who merely want to travel from point A to point B, with some discussion and light music.  The grandchildren were aboard….not DVD player in sight!  Hey Kids, it’s only 45 minutes, learn to do what we do…..watch the country side, look around.

The contention began, someone, everyone, wanted the last word, the correct answer, and point out the “bad” of the other persons thought process!  HEY KIDS!!!  Watch outside.  Look for flags, flowers, barns being painted, or torn down….

I had barely finished that sentence.  My wife and I glanced to our right…….there was a man, walking to his burn barrel behind the house.  A naked man, walking to his burn barrel…

Yes, it’s important to look around at the wonders of nature….I got quite and waited…no one said anything….whew they must have ALL still be fuming at each other and it didn’t register.

Out of the corner of my eye, I glanced at my wife.  She was glancing out the corner of her eye my direction.  Softly, she said, “Did I see what I thought I saw?”

Yes, I replied softly.

Aha, the wonders of nature along the road, flowers, road kill and a naked man in his back yard.  Makes me wonder now, exactly WHAT were my grandparents looking for on those Sunday drives???


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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