The Old Electrons

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We had a gathering one evening. Before it was over, Tim asked, “Why an algebra book on the table?”  I stated that,  “I often pull out a text-book and review a chapter now and again.”  He replied, “Don’t your old electrons ever stop?”  I smiled, I know he meant neurons, but I understood.

Causality (the cause of things), is the Law of Identity.  The Law of Identity states that the Entity is the sum of its parts.

I’ve been wondering how to approach this topic.  It will be a touchy.  I know how we are; we here, who are Americans, from the U.S. side of the border.  We have a narrow minded approach to life. We identify a problem, choose a solution, effect a modification/change, pronounce life is good and move on to the next event.  We expect everyone to be satisfied with our solution.  After the Newtown, CT massacre, the camps are lining up, the anti-gun(ers) and the pro-mental health(ers).  Between the two groups stands the media, throwing fuel into each camp.  (Not True??  Have you ever watch an expose on Creation vs Evolution?)

The “old electrons” are humming…hence, the thought about the Law of Identity.  I am afraid if we focus on mental health, we miss the point of the problem.  I am afraid if we focus on gun control, we miss the point of the problem.  The Point Is:  What has happened along the line, getting from Point A to Point B.  How did we get from a birth to a perpetrator?

The perpetrator at Newtown only lived for two decades, but the sum of the parts from Point A to Point B took six decades to develop.  Until we identify the parts, we’ll never get to a valid, relative solution. Let’s attempt to identify the parts by working backwards from the event.

1.  We know the “tool” was an assault weapon with extended clips. Every state has licensing and purchase requirements, that how we progressed beyond the sale of unregistered Saturday Night Special in the 1970’s.  The National News that evening stated that there is 3oo million guns and 30 thousand homicides this year.  That means that 1 one-hundredth of 1 percent of guns cause a problem OR 99.99 % of all guns are held responsibly.

2.  Mental Health–we hear that mental healt is too un-accessable. There has been some comments that the young man was about to be taken in for mental health issues by his mother.  We wait too long before looking for help.  Long before now it should have been identified that this 20-year-old mass murder had issues that needed to be addressed.   It may not be that mental health assistance is that difficult to obtain, rather we have difficulty parenting.

3.  Parenting–This was single parent household.  We’ve spent decades learning to be a throw-a-way nation.  We no longer keep, fix or repair anything, including marriage.  Our divorce  rate is so great and our acceptance of just “living together” so wide-spread that the responsibility of parenting is neglected.  Single parents have little time to parent, because they are busy making a living.

4.  Economy–so speaking of living, the economy of supply and demand changed living in this country after World War II.  We created a “desire” to demand everything we did not have. We satisfied the desire by becoming two-earner households.  More money, more things.  More things, more work, less parenting.

5.  Education–education began changing in the 60’s. We turned teachers into babysitters. Parents became intruders, hovering over school administrators.  Eventually, children were “passed on” because it was easier to move them through the system rather than confront parents, with failing efforts. We now graduate people who can’t read or think. (Parents called this parenting, it’s really called enabling)

6.  Entertainment–we can’t leave without mentioning this.  In the very early 50’s you never saw Jackie Gleason’s (The Honeymooners) bedroom. By the late 50’s in the Dick Van Dyke Show we saw into the bedroom with twin beds. Today, Two and Half men have different naked women under the covers in every episode.  Swear words slip out easy. We get into the minds of criminals and analyze bones, bugs and blood for modus operandi. Movies are even worse, making reality a fantasy and fantasy a reality, under the lable of “freedom of expression”.  Our cartooning is so real that we now call it animation, on our X-Box 360 we make a game out of shooting, burning, slice and dicing as many animated people as possible in 60 seconds.

Is there a problem…you bet, are these all the parts, probably not.  Are assault weapons a problem?  Well, yes when the mother of a mentally problematic son takes him to the shooting range.

Here’s the issue; we just learned that three money-grubbing people decided to blow up the girl friends house for the insurance.  The result was 2 neighbors killed and 31 houses destroyed beyond repair.  The “tool” a gas-filled house and timer-microwave.  Should we ban all microwaves? (No?, Why, because YOUR’RE one of the 99.99% responsible microwave users?)

Yep, the old “electrons” have been humming; Focus on the totality of the parts……not just the tool, it took 6 decades to get here, one law won’t fix it.


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