In Between the Lines

Post #152

We were standing in a line, it was a short line, for we were early.  In fact we were the first ones there.  My wife and I and Bob, who walked in just steps before us.  There was a small display of flowers in the corner.  My wife and Bob, were busily talking when I noticed I was standing between two 8X10 picture frames.

The frame on the left table was a certificate for 40 years of service, the frame on the right table was a picture of Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels presenting the certificate.  I thought about where I was standing, in between two pieces of paper.

At home I looked at the stuff I had on my wall, certificates from work, certificates from hobbies, pictures of family members, pictures from high school, etc..  I began thinking, what does all this stuff  matter?  No one other than me or maybe my wife has any interest in this stuff.  Certainly my children nor grandchildren won’t.

I thought about a  Steve Goodman song, “In between the lines“, the only thing important here on this side, two pieces of paper. (I’ve included the URL. since I couldn’t make this link work)

When you are your age, you’re invincible, when you my age, everything is relative.


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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