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I recall, my grandfather claiming with pride that he should have an “ace”  behind his name.  Now he wasn’t a real ace  (ASC), he just thought, in his home version, he was as good as one, splicing movie film left and right.  ASC,  a member of American Society of Cinematographers.

I’ve never said it in a blog, but I don’t own a Blue Ray Player.  Yes, I’ve been considering making the purchase, since movies are all moving in that direction.  I know, I know, owning a DVD is almost a thing of the past, BUT, I’d rather buy it once and watch it often, than buy the “monthly service” and not find it on the list.  My wife denies my Blue Ray purchase with, “If you buy it, they’ll just move on to something else, and then where will you be?”.

We weren’t always this way. Our family used to be at the forefront of video technology. In 1947 my parents and grandparents worked out an arrangement; my dad bought the 8mm camera and light meter, my grandparents bought the projector and screen ( In those days 8mm (milimeter) film came in 25 foot rolls, you exposed one side, then turn the film over and exposed the other).  I followed in their footsteps with a Super 8mm movie camera, and later, an early camcorder with side (heavy)  battery pack.  As the country was moving to VHS, I bought some equipment and copied some of the8 mm home movies onto the VHS media…some, just some…..

We used to have family movie night when I was young.  In the 40’s and 50’s someone would go on a trip, take movies, send them off for development, two weeks later, we’d have family movie night.  A dark room, color moving pictures upon the white sparkly screen (remember, or maybe you don’t, but TV was black and white, so color movies were a treat).  All of the talking was contributed by the viewers, “did you see that?”, “look at that mountain”,  “there he is standing by another sign”, etc.  Three generations of home movies are now in my basement, with a projector and a couple of backup projector bulbs that haven’t been made in 25 years. I know, you can have the rolls of film converted to a DVD, but they charge by the 50 foot roll.  I don’t know how many feet I have, but the number of three and five HUNDRED foot rolls would surprise you, not to mention the 100 or so 50 foot rolls.  I don’t believe that even Rockefeller would have enough money to cover the transfer cost!

I also have a couple of dozen home movies on VHS that we recorded.

During family gatherings, it’s not without notice that my son-in-law likes to dig out a VHS tape covering a time when my kids were teenagers.  Making a couple of comments then walking away, as if he never lived through teenage years 🙂 .

Home movie night was really good, pop corn, no blood, guts, gore, or language to censor the program.

Like a lot of things in life, what was in the past has passed forever.


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2 Responses to ASC

  1. Ben Griggs says:

    I remember the continuation of 8mm family movie nights when I was young – always a fun time, but only during the movies where you got to see yourself. Not the ones where we got to see the Thanksgiving table from 1954.

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