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I can not leave the topic of the my first family gathering event without mentioning one other person.  As I look back, it was as if I was the goldfish in the goldfish bowl.  Ok, so along the line of life, it was my turn in the goldfish bowl, an event that happens to most everyone meeting the potential future extended family for the first time.

There is one thing that binds all parents of daughters together in solidarity.  No matter how good he may seem, no man is good enough for your daughter.  If you have a daughter and you’re older, you’ve probably been through this, if you’re younger with a daughter, you will be there.

After the family gathering meal, the afternoon was spent socializing.  As a first-timer at the gathering, I felt lost.  The girl friend was off sharing successes of college life with her family.  Did I mention, that I also was in college, well not really.  I had been in college, but college expected certain grades to maintain attendance, I didn’t agree with that concept, so college invited me to take a break.

Back to the social time; someone decided to get out the card table and suggest a game of Eucher.  There was something I could occupy my time with, Eucher!

Remember I mentioned that I sort felt like a goldfish in a goldfish bowl.  Well, I didn’t realize I wasn’t alone, a shark was in that bowl and swimming around me.

I sat down at the table, Ruth came and sat to my left.  Remember I said, that NO MAN is good enough for your daughter.  Well, this man was an outsider, an unknown, not from the home town and NOT in college any longer.

We began playing, but all during the game, I couldn’t tell if it was Eucher or 2000 questions we were playing……somewhere after the second game two of the player faded off to the kitchen.  Remaining were me and Ruth on my left, the questioning continued.   Behind me was the dining room and behind it the kitchen.  I had this distinct feeling the family was gathered behind me in the dining room, listening to our exchanges.

I’m sure that after we left the gathering, the family mulled over this new boy friend and probably concluded or at least hoped that she would come to her senses and ditch him for someone with a future.

I’m also looking back and thinking, maybe this girl friend threw me into the fishbowl, as a test.  If I could get through that, I’d make it to some level of acceptance……maybe, WAY down the road.


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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