The Why and Who Of It

Post #160

One of my favorite TV shows, (which could be either CSI or NCIS or Elementary or Bones) says “nothing is a coincidence”.  My last post #159, was the “Aviator”.  Last year, when my father-in-law died, I wrote a blog call, The Old Warrior (August 06, 2012)

There are those, that believe nothing is a coincidence and that everything happens for a reason.  Hence, my mind began to wander, or wonder, why is it, that a person can break their neck and survive?  Usually, a broken neck turns into a death or in the very least, paralyzed for life.   The question then, is WHY was my father saved from either of those terrible outcomes?

As I was considering this, my mind jumped back to the “Old Warrior” blog.  There was something I failed to mention in that blog.  The Old Warrior was a Radarman (Radar Operator) on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific. He was off duty, and off duty usually meant stay out-of-the-way.  Other people traversed the carrier for their work shifts, mess times, flight briefings etc.  The Old Warrior should have been in his bunk/sack resting for his next duty shift.  Yet, on this particular day, he was in the midst of a poker game.  During the poker game, a Kamikaze plane attached the ship and burst into flames, burning the deck and some of the floors below, including the Old Warriors bunk.  Without the poker game, he might have been among the 27 killed and 105 wounded in that attack.   Why did things happened the way they did?

Events in our lives make us wonder, why things occur as they do.   Often times we think that someone has been spared for some future event.  We often limit our thinking to,  things like my father’s survival was for the purpose of touching someone’s life.  True as that may be, maybe our thinking should not  be so near term.

OK,  he and the Old Warrior, may have touched a life, but what if it was their children, who was to supposed to touch someone’s life?  Or further, maybe is wasn’t thier children, but rather their children’s children?

Events could have occurred 80 year’s ago, the true purpose of which, might not materialize until my children touch someone’s life.

The Who, may never be seen by these two warriors.  But certainly, how can we look back at these two seemly unrelated events and say that it could have only been an accident, happenstance, a fluke, or a coincidence.   It would seem that the probability of these two events occurring so that thier children could meet and marry, is too extreme to be called anything but a driven directed purpose.

I wonder, who will be my next contact…..maybe it’s you!!!!!


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One Response to The Why and Who Of It

  1. bev says:

    you have definitely impacted our lives! 🙂

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