The 18th Amendment

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In 1920 the 18th Amendment became affective.  Generally, it prohibited the manufacture, transportation and sale of alcohol for consumption.  Actually it was proposed by the U.S. Senate in 1917 and was later ratified by 36 states in 1919.  The law remained in effect until its’ repeal in 1933 by the 21st Amendment.

In 1990, Congress passed an Organic Foods Requirements law, requiring the FDA to write rules and establish inspectors.  Twenty two years later, the United States is still awaiting inspectors for Organic Foods.

I have friends standing firm on both sides of the “additional” gun control/restrictions issues. I have mentioned before, that rational thinking on this topic demands action not just on purchasing restrictions, but other areas as well.

During the 2013 Presidential State of the State address, the nations’ attention focused on Hadiya Pendleton’s murder in Chicago.  Such a tragic loss for our society, the death of a promising young person for Chicago.

Since the President’s address, the murderers have been captured, both members’ of a violent gang.  A 20-year-old driver and an 18-year-old shooter.  Although not greatly publicized, the shooter, at age 16 was charged and convicted of unlawful use of a firearm and placed on probation!  It seems that in Illinois, if sentenced, criminals are allowed to merely serve half or less of their time, and sometimes only a few weeks.

If I were a fisherman, I called this a “Catch and Release” program.  If I were a policeman, I’d called this a travesty on society.

I can remember a significant hand-gun problem in the 70’s.  Anyone could buy a cheap hand-gun in any K-mart for $50 or less; the, “Saturday Night Specials”.  Laws were passed that eliminated the Saturday Night Specials.

Those we deem as “normal” people, don’t go around committing mass murders or retaliatory gang-style shootings.  The normal people want to catch the “assassins” and study them, understand what caused the assassin to attack AND THEN attempt to do something to correct our society so it doesn’t happen again.  That just doesn’t work.

The normal people want to put the assassin in a jail or institution until they understand how normality works and then be released, OR to be housed, clothed, fed and entertained for life.  That just doesn’t work.

Looking back at the Hadiya Pendleton situation, if her murderer had been sentenced properly and enforced to its full extent, she might be alive today.

Normal people, just are afraid of the potential guilt that could be associated with the proper sentencing of a homicidal murderer. Trial should be short, sentencing swift, AND final.

Unlawful Use of Firearm in the Commission of a Felony–NO probation

Unlawful Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Homicide-DEAD MAN WALKING

Appeal Time-12 months (maybe)

Normal people need to change thier thought process from trying to control guns to controlling criminals.  Normal people need to understand, that as they become more social, criminals have become more brazen. Criminals just don’t care.


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