The Canoe

Post # 164

We were traveling to Florida for short break on the last day of February. We pushed through to Smyrna, Ga. and stopped early befor all of the Ontario travelers acquired all the available rooms.

The motel didn’t have dinner availability, so the front desk gave of list and directions of near eating places.  Making a selection, was via elimination, my wife recommended no chains, “we can do them at home”.  We selected “The Canoe”.  Driving on Atlanta’s roads is always a challenge, and the left turn across evening traffic was no exception, but we landed right in the lap of VALET PARKING!

Did I say Valet Parking?  That should have been the first hint, the second hint was when the hostess wanted our names….which was later used by the assistant hostess, water-boy, waiter, server, bread-boy, and busy-boy!  Oh yeah, the third hint should have been when being seated, I noted that all tables were doubled clothed in white, with black cloth napkins, set up water glasses, wine glasses 3 forks 2 spoons……..

Now you can see the type of place we chose, I should explain again, we had been traveling all day.  I hadn’t shaved in two days, we were in blue jeans and tennis shoes, my wife was similarly attired, except for the two-day beard, but she had on her best geniun imitation rabbit collared , zip up the front light-weight jacket, which was right in style with the mink stole walking through the area.   We looked like we had just come out of the back country.

That’s not to say, we weren’t welcomed, because we were.  There was seating for us, in the back, near the kitchen and restroom.  At least we weren’t alone, there were two other couples there…albiet, they weren’t in denim.

We were handed the menu AND the imported wine list!  My wife looks up, ” I really just wanted soup”.  “SOUP!” I said, “we could have had that at ANY chain restaurant”, I said.

We had a fine meal, and luckily, I had enough dollar bills to tip everyone along the line!


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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