Geography 101

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There’s a lot about geography that I don’t know.  If you have ever watched the Jeopardy TV game show you’ll note that they often have world geography questions. Since 99% of the answers I don’t know, I gravitate instead to mindless sitcoms.

I do like to pose a few United States questions…

1.  Of the 48 states, which is the most northern state?

2. Of th 50 states, which is the most eastern, southern, northern and western states?

3.  Of the 50 states, which four (4) have elevations that do not exceed 1000 feet?

We were on a short trip with friends last weekend when the discussion turned to geography.  I stated that I got caught by my kids not knowing who comprised North America. Somewhere back in my educational exposure, I believed I had learned there was a North America, Central America and South America.  I had Mexico in Central America..WRONG.

I can remember the looks on the University Admission person’s face when they learned from which high school I graduated.  “They send graduates here?”  Hence all of the remedial class I needed…….however, geography wasn’t among them.

So, it was, just last fall that my kids straightened my head, and my brain moved Mexico into North America.

Now after last weekend’s discussion, I learn that it’s NOT just Canada, the U.S. and Mexico in North America…it’s everybody NORTH of the equator.   Wait, I need to grasp this…….

There really isn’t a separate Central America.  Duh, logically, there can only be counties in the northern or southern hemisphere.  Everyone in the northern hemisphere is in North America.

No wonder that college admissions person looked at me and shook his head.

So, it makes me wonder, is the world-changing or has educational information changed.  I really hope its them and not me… I’d feel awfully silly if I had been wrong for 50 years.

Oh, yes, the answers;

1. Minnesota

2.  Alaska, Hawaii, Alaska, Alaska

3. Florida, Louisiana, Rhode Island, Delaware


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One Response to Geography 101

  1. Ben Griggs says:

    Is Central America a distinct geographic area? Depends on who you ask, I guess – check out the “usage” section of the wikipedia article: Interesting.

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