North and South

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There was a 1985 made for TV series, called The North and South.  It depicted two friends struggling to maintain their friendship during diverse loyalties to the cause.  We spend little time in reflection upon this civil conflict.  We should think more about civil conflict, about people’s rights to govern themselves and oppression.

Sometimes we think too highly of ourselves, we are (or think we must be) always right.

About 59 years ago we settled a “police action” by splitting into two, Korea.  It was deemed a “civil war” but was actually a major powers stalemate, between pro-democracy and pro-communist ideology. We settled this by deciding we were tired of giving up United States (and Allied) lives, because the Chinese had more soldier-bodies to throw into it than we were willing to commit.

Now, I’m going to POINT MY FINGER…..for eight (8) years President Clinton paid North Korea money to not research and produce nuclear weapons. How’s that turned out Bill?  Now, to be fair,  I don’t know that BILL was the only president to fund North Korea?  The real point is that the government and our congress and our military thought it was a good and viable approach.

Can there be any county MORE gullible than the United States?

I wonder what North Korea did with all that money?  Do you think they did medical research or educational expansion?  No, I think I’ll go out on a limb here, and suggest that maybe, just maybe they used the money for nuclear weapon research.

Well luckily, this was our only such mistake….wait wasn’t there a Viet Nam?  That’s were we chose to back the wrong side (again) and some politicians or whoever, got us into another civil war?

And then there’s Syria.   Yes we backed a dictator and his family for years, (we needed a calming presence in the region), and now when civil war breaks out, we can’t afford to back the dictator nor can we join the rebels who have considerable support from Al Qaeda.

We are facing the need to clean up our national budget and all I hear is the GOVERNMENT must cut Social Programs…..why don’t we ever learn?   I don’t hear ONE POLITCIAN saying that we must cut, or eliminate, funds to foreign dictators.  When will we quit being so gullible?  Why is it necessary to cut Social Programs and save foreign payouts?  When are we going to let countries have their own civil disobedience without our involvement?

Can there be any more gullible country than the United States?


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