2nd Grade

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One of the nicest things that this generation does for our generation, is spending time at school with our grandchildren—they call it—-Grandparents Day. The kids  are so proud, and yet shy before us. We try our best to attend grandparents day for our grandkids in both Illinois and Indiana. We missed our Illinois trip this year do to scheduling conflicts.

We have just returned from the Indiana event. One our grandchildren is in 2nd grade and there was a series of questions for grandparents to answer… like what did you enjoy more, reading, math or recess (easy answer, recess!!) Then came the question, did you like your 2nd grade teacher…everyone answered yes..

Well, I pondered that question for some time, …no, I didn’t like 2nd grade! First, let me say, unlike every young teacher our grandchildren have, all of my teachers were over a 100.

My 1st grade was great, my teacher was so grandmotherly, and we were a new community, so 1st grade was in the basement of the city hall, in a neighboring town. In 2nd grade, I no longer had my grandmotherly teacher. Second grade began in the Dyer, Indiana fire station, I didn’t know anyone, there were lots and lots of kids. In mid-year, they moved a bunch of us to the St. John fire station. The class met up stairs in the big room. We had both 2nd and 3rd grade in the one room. I lost a lot of ground in that year, that is if I ever had ground to lose.

I do remember getting in trouble that year. I don’t remember WHAT I did, but I remember the punishment. There were a few of us, we had to sit at a table and we got smacked across the knuckles with a wooden ruler. I was down the line, and for what ever reason, the teacher lost her temper and kept hitting me hard enough that she broke the ruler on my knuckles.

No, I didn’t like my second grade teacher, no I didn’t like second grade, no I didn’t like math, no I didn’t like reading. Reading usually meant spending some of the time reading aloud, I stuttered. I didn’t like school.

I remember both of our grades had to take a math challenge test of 100 problems. When you got done, you were able to get up and play a tag game in the isles right next to the desks where the rest of were working.  I was slowest, and I got distracted watching the game, and I never completed the test.

I am glad though, watching the grandkids on our “special day” what all they are learning so early in life.  Maybe school would be fun today.


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