3rd Grade

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I want to continue on with the thought from the previous blog.

I think that the dislike for school carried over many years.  Third grade wasn’t much better, we had to learn cursive hand writing.

How bad could that have been you ask?

Well I was the only left-handed writer (scribbler) in class.  The teacher didn’t know how to teach a left-hander to write, so I learned to write like a right hander with my left hand, all letters slopped up hill.  (Is that slopped or sloped, which ever, the results were the same!)

This was the year it was determined I was unable to see the black board, I needed glasses, who knows for how long.  No, school wasn’t fun.

4th grade.  4 grade began by my being lost.  There we three 4th grade rooms. We began the year by finding our name on a list outside the classroom.  My name wasn’t there!  So I followed a friend to her room.  Later, she took me to my class, yeah, my name was on the list, but it was last name first, whoever heard of that?  My name has always been first name first, and still is today.  I didn’t know anyone in my class.  One of the first class events was a spelling bee.  You can’t imagine the terror of a stutterer having to stand up and spell out loud.  I missed the first word and sat down.

I think 4 grade was the year we drove the first-year teacher to the asylum. She couldn’t control us.  I was a poor leader, but a great follower.  So the day we drove her from the classroom, we began running around the room, jumping over desks etc. But the great sin was one kid jumped over the teacher’s desk.  Some  leader (probably one of the goody goody girls) decided we should all take him to the Principal.  Little did I understand about culpability.  Every one of us was lined up and received the one paddle approach to discipline.

Somehow in that age of archaic technology, there was communication between the school and my house……..(EEEE  GAGS!!)  The effect of that communication was additional punishment, another whack or two just for good measure.

No, to the question about liking teachers, asked at this years Grandparents Day……I never really enjoyed school and didn’t like my teachers.  Maybe if some things had just been different.


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