Just What Do You Do?

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There is an opening scene in a television commercial which shows a neighborhood block party or cookout.  In the background a group of people, in the foreground, two men, one asks the other, “so you drive a truck, what do you do?”  We are next shown what is implied to be the questioned man’s mind visualizing driving to work, dropping off kids, hauling building supplies home, pulling a boat and on and on.  I don’t remember the truck, but I do remember this cute commercial.

My wife and I retired in 2006, and we were recently with a couple, that is close to retirement age but that still wors.  We were asked, “what DO you do ALL day?”

I didn’t answer, right a way, just like in that truck commercial, my mind was flashing all over the place.  How do you answer that?  Every day is different.

We might go to town together, and on those days eat lunch in town.  (We never grocery shop together, which has kept our marriage in tact.)   But my mind also pictured….cutting wood with a chain saw, splitting wood, repairing the log splitter or other tools, pulling logs with the tractor, piling dirt with the tractor-loader, driving to Florida for a week, weekend visits to Atlanta, visiting kids in Illinois, and Indiana, mowing grass, raking leaves, building bon fires, doing house projects, fishing trips, ham radio, watching movies, walking on the tread mill, hunting mushrooms….by the time I got here, my questioner had lost interest awaiting my response, and probably thought, ‘they just sit around and watch the clock, glad I’m not retired!’.

No, I don’t really know what I do all day, but I DO know, that I don’t recall ever saying I’m bored since day I retired!!!! I can definitely say this, the days just FLY BY, one week after another just disappears, I’m glad we’re retired so we can enjoy them.


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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