Obsessions and Confessions

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I’ve been seeing a lot of news stories lately of people being obsessed  over video gaming.  Obsessed to such a degree, that their entire focus is on doing this one thing.

They say that confession is good for the soul, which must be why I’ve been seen these stories.  I guess what really happens, is when you tell someone about your obsession, there is a relief, a release of the tension of having a “dirty little secret”.

So, if one feels better, telling your dirty little secret, I guess maybe I should confess my      dirty little secret obsession(s) to you.  Maybe I’ll feel better, or at least less guilty.

It’s no secret that summer is fast approaching, and a fetish of mine is Minnesota fishing.  I believe I’ve mentioned this fetish before.  But, it’s more than just fishing fetish, it’s fishing fetish for Muskie’s on Leech Lake.  I’ve been fishing Leech Lake since 1978 and have yet to fish all of the lake.  The lake is about 108,000 acres of water.  Muskie fishing is a passion, the “one fish of 10,000 casts” type obsession.  With most fish you can entice, coerce or madden a fish into biting.  But, enticing a Muskie to strike, is like trying to teach a cat to fetch!  This lack of interest,  on the part of the Muskie, is the maddening action that creates the obsession for me to out wit the fresh water monster.  In Minnesota, the Muskie fishing season begins around June 1st and a legal keeper fish must be 48 inches or more.  My obsession now confessed, I do feel better, at lease better enough to go fishing, and think of returning to the haunts of the “big ones” I’ve seen in the past.

But, there is another obsession that precedes the Muskie.  The Mushroom!  Yes, in the spring when warmth, moisture and calendars coincide, the Morel peeks its crown above the soil. It’s interesting, the morel tends to reside in the woods, in moist soil, but only in the spring, as if the spores have hibernated all winter waiting for this event.  It is a spore that requires special as yet, unspecified types of nutrients.  We wander through wood, stick in hand to brush away the leaves and  vegetation.  Like searching for the elusive Muskie, each year, I return again and again to the haunts where the prize was found.  As weak as my mind and memory may be, I can recall which tree, what areas and which path I’ve use to obtain my reward.  Obsessed!  Well, once the first is found, I’m out in our little woods two and three times a day.  Even after the short season expires (lasting about 2 weeks), I still go out and search a few days, long after my wife has given up. I can recall this one day, we had been searching, with limited success, we decided to supper at a local establishment, it rained briefly while we ate then the sun came out on our way home.  I wanted to hunt one more time, on the hill below our house, “naw” my wife said.  So, off I went, just as I peered over the crest of the hill, I was shocked!  I rushed  back, told my wife to get out here, over the top of the vegetation, we found about two dozen of the largest Morels I’ve ever seen.

My obsession is fed by the eating of the mushroom, dipped in egg, rolled in flower and fried in butter!  As of this writing, it’s been a good season for our little woods, we’ve been eating mushrooms six straight days.

Now that I’ve confessed I feel sooo much better, I’m thankful that I can now enjoy my obsessions unhindered of any guilt.

I’m also VERY thankful that my doctor NEVER does a cholesterol testing during mushroom season, I’m at least saved from that guilt!


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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  1. David and Tammie Olson says:

    I really enjoyed this one Terry! tro

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