Newton’s 3rd Law

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I was thinking the other day about a physics course I sort of attended in my college years.  It probably wasn’t the level of study to which I should have been assigned.  One of its topics came to mind, which I believe relates to current social settings.

Newton’s third law of motion.:  For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction. (This was early in the course, which must be why I still retain it.)

Similar to Newton’s theory, is Talcott Parson’s Sociological Action Theory: Action is determined or measured by, purposes, ideas and ends (results). (paraphrased)

Let’s add Ben Griggs’ first law of rationalization: Rational people look for rationalization in non-rational actions.

Here are some thoughts;

1.  Rational people will never understand non-rational (irrational) actions of non-rational people,

2.  No matter how you try, some people don’t like you, won’t like you and never will like you.

3.  Non-rational people, who do non-rational acts are never at fault.

I heard this week that the perpetrator of the Fort Hood massacre (2009), has yet to see the trail room.  And, I understand that the young man at the center of the Batman Movie Theater massacre in Colorado should go to trial this summer, two years after the event.

Last evenings’ news indicated that a Minnesota man received Life Without Parole for the murder of three people.  The prosecutor, while being interviewed, stated he was happy, that it was a just and reasonable  punishment for the crime.

Why does it take SOOO long to bring to trial the “captured-at-the-scene” perpetrator of a massacre type event?  The delay seems to validate Ben’s first law of Rationalization.  Rational people want to study, probe, inquire, research, etc., etc., etc., until the rational person is satisfied they understand the root cause of irrationalization. —–PEOPLE, we need to stop this monkeying around, send these people where they belong!  No amount of searching for the cause can justify the action. Terminate the actor.

I know, I know, I just raised the hair on the back of many people’s neck, but truth is truth. The movie house killer, was seen, caught, arrested within the area of his actions, get on with it, quit wasting hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars here.   The application of Parson’s Law applied here, is that the perpetrators action was for an end result, killing a many as he could. Why do we need look further.  Was he crazy?  Not to another irrational person.

Back to the Minnesota prosecutor, life without parole was just.  This fails Newton’s Third law. How can life without parole be reasonable?  Reasonable to whom?  You and I will have to pay for housing, clothing, food, utilities, protection/guards, medical, entertainment, libraries, possible additional education etc. for the next 50 years on this one man.  Using Newton’s Third Law, how can life (life in prison) equal non-life (his taking of three lives)?  How can existence, equate to taking existence away.  How can you give a man life after he’s taken life away?

The Boston Bomber:  Let’s make this short.  There are people who will hate you, and they sometimes live next door.

The reason rational people don’t promote the death penalty, this their feeling of  guilt.  “How can I make a decision to take someone’s life”, they think.   Think–Newton’s Third Law.  It works in life as well as physics.


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3 Responses to Newton’s 3rd Law

  1. Larry says:

    very well said, have a great summer hunting for the big one.

  2. Ben Griggs says:

    Not sure I’ve got any ‘laws’. Wouldn’t that mean that I’d need law enforcement? 🙂

  3. David and Tammie Olson says:

    oh yeah….this is a very good one! tro

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