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Are you a people watcher?  I am, I like watching people, see how they move, act and react.   Why are people the way they are?  Some you are born with your personality, maybe some of your traits are born to you, but surely others are acquired.  How do we separate the acquired from the non-acquired.

I’ve been called a Type A person, someone who likes to be in control.  It’s true that I can only ride SHOTGUN for so long, then its time for me to take the wheel, steer the course, etc., etc.  Half of my work life was that of an auditor, I enjoyed asking questions, finding out what people do and what operations did what.  When people visited my home they were always wary, because I asked so much about them, but, to me, it was/is my way of learning who they are.

As our children were growing through their high school years I interjected what courses they should pursue.  My non-type A wife, would wait for me to leave the room and take over, the kids would wind up taking what they desired and nary a suggestion from dad was followed! (I suffered through this rejection for 12 years, each of my kids only had to suffer with these suggestions for 4 years, each!)

Ok, I guess I will concede, I AM a Type A, bring me your problem, let me give you a solution!   Yes, I think that’s fairly typical of a type A.  I believe I can get to a solution, quickly!  You go off and run with it, if it doesn’t work,  come back we’ll determine a different direction.

The latter half of my work life was in the management of auditors.  My management began as my philosophy of life, we have some work and directions to take on, here are some solutions, go to it.  If it doesn’t work, come back we’ll “fix” it again!  It only took a short time to realize that this concept was as successful at work as it was at home.  I quickly came to realize that if you give someone a job, you should give them the responsibility to find and fix the problems.

So it was with great surprise that I learned, that during a discussion between my daughter and granddaughter, that my daughter explained that I, her dad (me!) could always get her to talk!  Getting her to talk implies I must be listening!

Hey, maybe I’m becoming a Type B person…………..

Naw, I still want to drive the car.


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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    I like it!

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