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I recently blogged about Obsessions and Confessions.  It was a fun thing chat about, and even poked fun at myself.  A few of you even said you enjoyed the picture that I created in your mind.

We’ve were away from home, when this email-announcement came.  Someone we knew had died.  We hadn’t known him for long, just a few years.  He was a young man.  A man supported by our church.  He had been in and out of jail, followed by a Christian-Drug Rehab program.  He appeared to long for a life of normality.  He tried. He got an apartment, a job, but he had trouble sticking with it.  He fell back in with the old crowd, and was returned to prison.

I visited him, once, in the county jail before he was sent away.  I had intended to get back to him.  But I failed to make the time.  He served his time, was released, came back to our church once, but drifted away.  I heard little from or about him until last week.

His obit didn’t even make the paper, tiemely.  I looked for it in back issues. Then, again, often deaths from a drug over-doses don’t generate much ink, that is unless you’re a movie star.

I wrote about Obsessions mostly in fun.  The email reminded me, that in real life obsessions are NOT fun.  The obsession becomes a compulsion, it grabs you and won’t let you go.  The compulsion consumes your thoughts, your being, your life.

We’ve been very fortunate, my wife and I.  No one, in our family, as yet, has had to confront the drug demon, whether it be alcohol, prescription or illegal.

I am saddened, this young man would have been my sons age, a life before him, behind him, a broken hearted mother, but compulsion directed his foot steps.


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Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, being with my grandchildren, friends and family
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