1,2,3 shift

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In my youth, I enjoyed Television (wait!!, I still enjoy television, well some aspects of it).  In the 50’s, you got to see all kinds of excellent movies. I thought they were GREAT, but by today’s standards, today’s youth would think they were slow, boring without action or color.  I recall there was this movie called the Knute Rockne Story, I think Ronald Reagan was in it.  There was a lot of football played, and the first use of the forward pass (I think) was shown.  Anyway, I recall that every time the football players went up to the line, they’d set, then shift position, confusing the other team.

We are summering “Up North”, but needed to return home.  So, we began our 800 mile trip, traveling through downtown Minneapolis.  I usually skirt around town, but construction drove us to this route.  As you drive, your mind wanders, reflects and ponders. I was swinging around the west side, going through the tunnel, (that I recall my kids used to love) as I exited the tunnel, I came to exits for I-35 South, I-35 North, through lanes etc.  Having lived in the Minneapolis area some years ago, I recalled how smooth things would proceed if I just stayed in “my” lane.

I watched as those in the left, merged right, those on the right merged left, on coming merged EVERYWHERE.  My mind returned to the Knute Rockne Story and the line shifts. The line shifts made me grin.  It becomes easy guessing what someone will do, 1, 2, 3 shift!  As I watched the cars shifting lane, I remembered Chicago.  Yes, Chicago is on my return path.

It was a few years ago that I was requested to be part of a panel discussion to a group of Chicago CPA’s.  It was early winter, so my wife and I drove up the evening before so she could shop the ‘Miracle Mile’ before Christmas.  We were driving on the Dan Ryan Expressway, and I noted how everyone shifted lanes.  I really got into the swing of it, 1,2,3 Shift,  1,2,3 Shift, it became fun, just shifting back and forth.  Then one of my shifts, shifted me right off the expressway.  We found ourselves in the heart of south Chicago, 8 lane road, boarded up buildings, small groups of persons on the corners, no cars anywhere.   I don’t think this is what I had intended.  I got my non-map-reading wife to hurriedly find a Chicago map, all the while I’m looking for a competent, safe left turn to put me back on course.   It took me a little longer, but we did arrive safely, via various city roads.

So, here I am in Minneapolis, thinking about Chicago and 1,2,3 Shift….nope, think I’ll just stay right here in my lane….it’s comfortable.


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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