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I like coffee.  I began drinking coffee before my age hit double digits.  Ok, it wasn’t really coffee, it was more like milk and sugar with a splash of coffee for color.

But, I’ve been drinking coffee for years.  When working, I could make a pot in my office and work on those 12 cups all day, that was after having a cup or two at breakfast at home, and have a cup or two in the cafeteria at lunch time.

We lived in the Indiana side of Chicago land when the big advertising push in the 50’s was this unknown company going to “bring the mountains” to Chicago!  It was the introduction of Folgers coffee to the area.

I think the best coffee I have ever tasted was at Morton’s in Indianapolis.

I like my coffee to be Columbian, I find it smoother than other types.  No, I’m not a Starbucks fan.  First I’ve not found a Starbucks coffee without a bite!  Their just plain coffee doesn’t have the smooth richness that I prefer. Second, when you gunk it up with the additives, it’s no longer coffee.  It becomes a kiddies drink. (ok, my adult children love the kiddies drinks).

Coffee must certainly come in different “grades”, not just Breakfast, French Roast, etc., but quality grades, because try as I might, my grocery does not sell the “rich” flavor I perfrer.  The favor of coffee is also dictated by the type of water you use.

We live in mid-middle Indiana, in the country, far from municipal hindrances (thank goodness).  As a consequence, our water doesn’t have the additional, injected stuff to keep the water from molding while traveling long piped distances.   We have well water that’s high in calcium, which tends to build up in the coffee pot and burn it out.  But it makes great coffee.  Not only being a self proclaimed coffee coinsure, I’m also cheap.  So, I hate buying coffee makers, so I bought a pitcher water purifier. It makes my coffee pot last longer, but I lose my coffee flavor.

We went on vacation in Minnesota, made coffee, without the water purifier pitcher, dang that was good coffee!  This water also, is NOT affected by municipal ordinance.   The water just comes straight out of the ground, down the pipe and to my coffee pot.  Yes, it’s the same coffee I use at home.

I’m looking at that water purifier pitcher…..think I’ll throw it way!


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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One Response to Coffee

  1. Tammie Olson says:

    We were blessed that you came over and had “coffee” with us this morning. Hope you come again…real soon!

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