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We have a BIG anniversary approaching, the 50th.  It’s not real close, it’s six years away.  But my wife is already dropping hints that we need to go somewhere special.

I guess a “special” visit to our local Home Depot store is not on the list.  There have been a lot of suggestions, coming from her direction.  After all these years, she realizes that she just can’t “spring it” on me, I need to think on it, mull it over, and then come up with this brilliant plan that was really hers.

We are limited in our destinations.   We don’t have a visa, passport or what ever they are using today to leave this country and return.  We’ve been talking about getting passports.  We’ve been talking about it for two years.  It’s one of those winter projects that just never gets done.  Unless we accomplish that goal, our trip will be confined to the 50 states.

We have some close friends that recently visited Hawaii.  They planned numerous excursions during their stay.  Deep sea fishing, (my wife wouldn’t enjoy that), hang-gliding,(neither one of us would enjoy that), beach bikini watching ( I would really enjoy that), jungle flower sniffing (???).

I became the keeper of the family’s 8mm movies.  I may have mentioned this in an earlier blog.  My mother’s father loved to garden, his main focus was roses. When he retired, he had a huge rose garden. He loved flowers and longed to visit Hawaii.

The day came when, after planning, he and grandmother flew to Hawaii.  My grandfather shot lots of footage of Hawaiian floral gardens.  I know he loved the flowers.  But just think about it, moving pictures of stationary flowers.  After one of us took a family trip, we always had a family movie night, once our film was developed and returned.  The night of the non-moving flowers, I recall, as being one of my last movie nights.

We have good friends that are in the floral business, I’m sure they would enjoy such a floral vacation.

I’m still hoping we can settle for special trip to Home Depot, maybe and I can buy my wife that special saws-all my wife’s been looking for……..well, I must be dreaming..


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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