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Long ago, one the earliest television variety shows was Art Linkletter.  Near the end of each show, he would have a half dozen children seated on stage and would ask them questions.  From those shows he wrote a book called “Kids say the darnedest things”.

I see the same thing from my grandchildren, albeit, at my expense.

I’m not at my prescribed weight, so says my doctor, however, I’m also not excessively overweight, so says me. But, over the years, the majority of my grandchildren have poked my stomach and asked, “are you going  have a baby?”.  ( It should be noted, by my sex type, having a baby would create a medical sensation.)  Or they ask, “why are you so fat?, to which I say, “donuts, its because of donuts”.

We usually vacation “up north” our families take turns visiting us, one summer my son was going over the alphabet with AJ, making him come up with a word for each of the letters. When it came to the letter T, he was stuck, my son suggested TILLEY.  AJ says, “what’s a TILLEY?”  My son says, “its the hat grandpa wears fishing”.  (A tilley has a broad brim to help keep ears, noses and necks from getting too much sun, and has under chin and back of head strings to keep from blowing off your head, AND if you do lose it, it floats).  AJ says, “OH, you mean grandpa’s GIRLIE HAT!”

Recently, our granddaughters arrived late one night.  The next morning, I crossed the room to give Ava a hug, as she sat in a chair.  She reach up and hugged me back… “EWE, (she says), I touched your UNDERPITS!”  Ok, so I was in a tank top with slightly exposed underarms….. “And I touched your sticky out things….” I’ve inherited by fathers propensity for tag warts under my arms…

Before the week was over, I was sitting in a chair barefooted.  Ava looked at my feet and said, “You have GIRLIE feet!”

Still wondering, what’s a girlie foot?  Kids say the darnedest things~~


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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