Just a Little Faith

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Did you ever go to an eatery, look around and just swear that there was someone at that other table you recognize?

As we get older, we have met so many different people in our lives that their features just seem to run together, a face, hair color, voice, something makes your mind jump back to in the past.

I have been known to foolishly go up to “that someone”, just to realize, they aren’t ANYONE that I ever knew.

Then there are times when you should go to someone, but one thing leads to another and you just never go.  So it was when we moved back to my hometown in 2006.  Coming back home, there is one person, that kept coming into my mind.  A person I asked about, but never took the time to visit.

Millard Plumlee.  If you are a basketball fan, Plumlee is a recognized name.  Mr. Plumlee’s three towering grandsons left the state of Indiana to play collegiate ball for Duke.

But it’s not basketball that I think of.  I reflect on the young man that just couldn’t figure out what he was to do in life. I was at a loss through high school, just doing the day to day stuff.  College seemed an extension of my high school’s lack of focus.

I always say, “a tiger doesn’t change its’ stripes”.  But that may not always be true.  Yes, I was like a ship floundering in the high seas, sails ripped and torn, while attending college.  After five semesters and four different majors of disastrous grades, Purdue thought I should rest and refocus.  I sat out, at their request.

It should be understood, that as a state supported school, Purdue was required to let me in, once.  Millard Plumlee, family friend, Professor of Animal Science, Purdue, thought I had “changed my stripes”. He wrote a letter of recommendation on my behalf and accompanied me on a visit to the Dean of Men requesting my readmission.

Yes I was readmitted and I did change my stripes, my grades were quite good.

Upon I returning home, I should have taken the time to visit, but 10 years just slipped away. It’s always nice to learn that a good deed turned out well.  I failed to see him.  Millard Plumlee, PhD. left us at age 91 last month.

I should have taken the time, 40 years ago he had a little bit of faith in me.


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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2 Responses to Just a Little Faith

  1. Eulalia says:

    Very good!

  2. Tammie Olson says:

    Terry this is certainly a great remind to all of us…to take the time to not only thank those people in our life that have been such an impact…but to also, yes go see. them…hence the trip to the cities on the 17th…a lot of driving but time well spent… Thanks again for the reminder!

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