The Bus Ride

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Cross country transportation comes, as we know, in various varieties.  The most common, is our personal, private, hop in the car and go method–my preferred current method.  Flight is the fastest and well used.  I’ve given up on flying.  Although my children regularly take to the air, as I once did, current rules, regulations and restrictions as well as extra airline fees have turned me against flying.

I have this friend that recently bussed from Denver to upstate Minnesota, it was a two day event.  He explained the ordeal in terms of unusual persons he met.  I focused, rather,  on the length of time it took to traverse that minimal distance.

Traveling on a bus, is not a method of often thought about, but it did take me back to trip I made on a bus in October 1968.

It was a chilly morning, 3:30AM. I was sitting in my parents car, waiting for the bus.  Never having ridden a bus for any distance, I couldn’t imagine what this would be like.  The bus arrived and sat like a skeleton, with its motor running, the lights on inside with empty seats.  This was it’s origin.  Goodbyes said, four non-related, unknowns climbed the bus steps for our 4AM departure.  I was headed about 500 miles south, not far.  The bus ride seemed to go on and on, stopping at seemly every cross road, picking up one or two along the way.   It was a direct bus, but not a non-stop, everyone in the bus was quite, we were all thinking of our journey and our future.  The bus traveled on all day, and it was well into the night that I arrived at its final destination, the Fort Campbell Induction Center.

I had one other cross country bus trip.  The return trip from Fort Campbell, back to the haven of middle Indiana.  It was interesting that, that my return trip was not direct.  There was a two hour layover in Nashville, TN.  I made sure, I stayed close to the departure area, so not to miss my bus, upon my discharge pocket change was nil, so I was not in any position to buy another ticket.

I think the inconvenience of the bus travel ranks right up there with the inconvenience of air travel for me….  looks like automobiles will me my mode….hum, what of train travel?  Where I traverse train tracks and trestles are being removed to make way for bicycle and walking paths. Yep, I guess in the world of planes, trains and automobiles, it will be automobiles……


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