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This is serious!  I’ve got an old song stuck in my head… Feelingsnothing more than Feelings… I can’t remember any more of it.  I’m certain it came from the Beatles era, although probably NOT from them.

Having this song “stuck-in-my-head” makes me ponder, about my feelings.  What are feelings? When I stuck my finger in an electrical outlet, I GOT a REAL sense of feelings!  I got that same sense when I hit my finger with a hammer.  Physical feelings are easy to define.

What I’ve pondered for many years, more closely resembles the metaphysical rather than the physical feelings.  I know your not SUPPOSE to, but if  you hate someone, or really dislike them, then you understand that type of feeling.  Actually, hate is more of an attitude rather than a feeling.  The “feelings” maybe have been do to an offense that someone placed upon your conscientiousness, that caused your attitude of dislike.

Love, seems to be the feeling that most people today can not quantify. Some people tend to equate affection to love, similar though they may be, the same they are not. The simple understanding of love, is two individuals attempting to understand each other and sacrifice for the other’s happiness.  It seems apparent that a lot of “couples” don’t focus on this concept.  I believe that people, place other personal aspects on their list of “who qualifies” as my mate, money, beauty, shape, my-last-best-hope, etc., hence the spiral rise in divorce.

The most difficult love-concept I had was trying to understand what the church meant by God loving you.  For many years, I believed that the better I was, then the better I was in God’s eyes.  I heard that if you did a bunch of good things, you’d earn crowns, sort of like ribbons in a contest.  I fathomed that heaven was like an arena.  The best followers got the front row seats.  The marginal followers, got standing room only.

It wasn’t until I became a parent that I got a better “feel” for this love business.  Love of your spouse, I see at a parallel level (on a similar/level playing field).  While parental/offspring love was on “vertical” plains.  As a parent, I reflected of my parents sacrifices, while I grasp my sacrifices for my children.

I can’t remember, EVER talking about love with my children.  I was too busy, doing the love thing, by trying to provide for their needs and wants the best I could.  How do parents teach their kids about love?  I guess I don’t know for sure.  Maybe by example.  However, with both parents working to provide for the ‘wants’, or single parents just coping, the knowledge of love just doesn’t get transferred.  Hence the increased divorce rate.

I’ve come to realize that there is no “front row” seat in heaven.  Heaven just is. You are a part of it, or not, your choice. I don’t have to worry about proving my love to God at a higher level.  I would “feel” greatly hurt, if I heard God say he loved someone more then me.  Luckily, God doesn’t love me any more or any less than the next person.  Just like me as a parent.  I don’t love any of my children any less or any more than the other.  I’m just so greatly proud of my children’s life’s walk, each one is different, each one is greatly loved. Hopefully, I done well enough as a parent,  that none of them think I love anyone more than another.


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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  1. Wow…I loved this! I’ve never read a better description of God’s love! As a teacher of religion and someone who isn’t doing a great job of being a practising Catholic, I’ve struggled with that concept too, and I think what you have written is spot on. Of course there’s no order of love from a parent.

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