Post #190

I have now been retired for seven years.  Retirement was something I wanted, yet, thought was at the end of some long tunnel, that never ended, (that’s how most of today’s  youth view their future).

I was in the process of writing Blog #189,  when my wife peered over the laptop to say; “I would NEVER have thought you’d be a blogger.  You never liked reading and you never like writing, so this is a surprise. ”

I stopped in mid-blog-typing and quickly reflected on my retirement plans-goals of seven years ago.  At the top of my list was, to pick up my college physics book and learned all those things I missed in college.  Well yes, I did pick up the book, and three pages into chapter one, I put the book down and never again picked it up…

Another thing I had planned to do, was to improve my penmanship.  I am left handed.  I come from a left handed family.  It may be unusual, but I am left handed, as was my father, his brother, and their mother, beyond them, I do not know how many of my earlier ancestors were left handed.

I guess all my grade-school teachers were nice. Unlike many people I know, I don’t really remember many of them.  I do realize, now,  that they didn’t know how to teach me penmanship.  They knew how to teach right handed children.  But we left handers were too difficult to work with. This must have been the beginning of educational standardization. Everyone was required to slope the paper the same as all right handed writers do.  Hence left handed people, write “overhand” dragging our wrists and arms across the page, writing “up hill”. Or, soime left handed people slope their letters backward.

So, in my retirement, I had planned to correct my lack of adequate penmanship, by obtaining beginning writing tablets and starting over…….Yeah, well, worse than the physics, I never even bought the books!!!

Typing on this machine is so much easier.  I can punch out about 1000 words per minute. Of course by the time I go back and correct the 85 percent of by extra letters, my time slows to a my usual l 5-15 wpm.

Spell check….thank goodness for spell check.  Although it’s helpful, often there are words that spell check just can’t figure out what I’m trying to say.  My English teachers used to berate me, with “if you can’t spell it, look it up in the dictionary”. Hey, these same teachers NEVER explained HOW to find a word, you can’t spell!

And what is it with this language of ours.  How are we, who can’t spell suppose to spell words that have SILENT letters?  My wife helped me with a spelling today, of a word with a silent T in the middle of it. How am I suppose to spell it correctly, if “they” can’t even use letters that are can be sounded??

Anyway, here I sit writing a blog….to my wife’s surprise.  HEY!!  Maybe someone will want to make a movie about my blogging…naw, that’s already been  done… Julie and Julia…


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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