Doing Nothing

Post #191

I’m being pulled.  It’s been a difficult year or two.

There are some people that want me to understand.  There are others, that want me to be befuddled.  We are swung by sound bites, driven more by innuendo than fact.

There’s been a lot of talk, by the press recently, that this is the most do-nothing congress we have ever had.  I must admit that over the last couple of years, I have been really rankled over the lack of progress by this congress.

I was awakened to that fact (of do nothingness), so to speak, when the press and the analysts, began talking about this congress’s inability to pass competent legislation.

Then, I began looking at who was saying these things… turns out to be news people, who, having been around through the majority of the million Democratic years, have seen, supported and even encouraged a large degree of American socialization.

I began putting my thought process into reverse, to take another look at this do nothing congress.  I realized, the nothing they did, was exactly what we wanted.  We elected people that wouldn’t extend our debt any deeper.  (We’re up to our necks in debt.)

Be certain you understand this…..if China called in the debt we owe them, the government would need to turn over one third (that’s 1/3rd) of this country to them.  Yes China is carrying one third of all our country’s debt load.

The truth turns out to be, if you remember,  that we wanted people strong enough in congress, that would dig their heels in (in the middle of our depression/recession), and not allow spending to increase greater than revenues, in fact, we wanted less spending than our revenues to decrease our debt.

I’m now thinking this was a pretty active congress after all.  Sure am glad the news people spoke up, so I could get my head back on thinking RIGHT…….


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