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I am beginning to think of myself as older, or at least getting older, as I pass by my mid-60’s.  I’m sitting here listing to the clock tick, trying to consider how I’m suppose to think about my age, as I age.  I still like to tease my wife like I’m in my 20’s.  I guess teasing has less to do with age  and more to do with personality.

I know a person that’s ten years older than I.  He dwells a lot on his age and the shortness of time. Then there is this other person who is five years older than me and he and his wife are spending three quarters of a million dollars to purchase a summer home!  Interestingly, both are focused on the future, one on the shortness the other on the enjoyment.

We truly are a society that focus’s on age.  Look at the television, how many commercials have younger than 30’s suggesting that older than 50’s can look like they’re in their 20’s!   Watch any advertisement for clothing, then look around town, can you see anyone that would fit in the advertised clothing or look good in it?

Work in any office, and there will be a party for the “just turned”  50 person. Many of the gifts given will be hair color, prune juice and Depends.  What a comical society we are.

So, you can imagine my surprise, upon opening the refrigerator this week to find a box of prunes inside!  I chose to not tease my wife about her need for prunes, so, surprisingly, I kept quite.  The day would come when she would explain the business end of the prunes.

Imagine my surprise, later that week, when I was INFORMED the prunes were for me!!!  Me????  I don’t recall EVER mentioning a need for any assistance in that general area.

She explained it this way; her friend shared how prunes, high in potassium, aided in the relief of leg cramps.  Leg cramps!?!?  Ok, so maybe I’ve been experiencing some leg cramps at night.  But I see the fix as  more water, more milk, more cottage cheese, things that I like as a relief, but prunes? I’m concerned that par-taking of this fruit (let’s see this is a fruit, right?) will require a modification of my daily routine.  I fish in a lake that’s 115,000 acres, in the midst of an Indian Reservation, in the middle of a National Forest, finding a bathroom 7 miles from my starting point, will not be easy!

I keep watching that box of prunes in the ‘frig’.  I’ve not yet touched it, I’m thinking if I wait long enough the box will just wrinkle up…..

………now I’m afraid to open my closet.  I’m expecting to find a box of Depends. Which takes me back to the two people I opened with; are these tangibles (prunes/depends) looking back or looking forward?

I said I am thinking about my age, now I see someone else is thinking about it also.  Um, maybe Depends isn’t so far off…….


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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One Response to Prunes

  1. Ben Griggs says:

    Funny, dad! 🙂

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