The Wave

Post # 194

I was thinking about the wave the other day.  I remembered sitting at a college football stadium, when all of a sudden people around me stood up and raised their arms then sat down.

I turned to the person on my left and said what’s that?  They said watch around the stadium… dumb of me, I thought we came to watch the game.  There, going around was everyone jumping up, raising their arms up, sitting down. The object seemed to be, how long you could keep people jumping up and down around the stadium.  Which lasted until the first exciting play from our team.

My mind turned to thinking about waves while you’re driving. There are some waves I just won’t or don’t need to mention.

I need to set some parameters for you.  You may not be aware, but there are city people and country people.  True, they are all people, yet there is a great difference between them (and us).  City people are more agitated, uptight, easily riled, obsessed with their own space and sometimes, not easy to get along with,  On the other hand we country people are just the opposite in EVERYONE of those characteristics.

It used to be easy to distinguish city people from country people.  City people drive cars. We country people drive pickup trucks.  Recently, however, some city people have been sneaking around and buy our trucks and then fancying them up.  No longer are pickup trucks just for hauling wood, sacks of grain, fence posts, fertilizer and tools. City people have been ordering trucks as 4-door, with convertible seating arrangements, space age components and all sorts of fancy, high-tech stuff  and city communication stuff.

Even though city people try camouflaging themselves in our trucks, we still are able to distinguish who they are, by what they don’t do.  Wave!

We country people wave at each other.  We county people can always tell who the city people are, they don’t wave.  We country people don’t need to know each other to wave, we just do.  One time I drove half way across South Dakota back roads in my truck, and every truck I met the driver waved at me, and I waved back.  I wasn’t from South Dakota, but I was from the country.

Our wave is subtle.  Barely visible.  City folks, because of their tunnel vision, and pinpoint focus, would never see it.  But country folks do it, sense it, and can tell when the return wave isn’t given.  We country people always drive with our left hand on the steering wheel and cautiously, carefully, and gracefully raise one finger about 2 inches as you approach another pickup truck.

Yes the wave is a valuable indication of friendship ,recognition and honor, its shows that we are comfortable in knowing who we are…and more importantly, we know WHO you are.  Recognition of country neighbor, of whom you may have high regard will precipitate the two finger wave, but those are rare.

City folks, being in their own private-zone-space, are clueless to the wave, and might even consider it to be some obscene country-backwoods-farm boy gesture.

You may be driving a truck, you may think you’re “in the groove” but we can tell from whence you hail….


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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