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It’s a wonder to me, why television commercials are the same or sometimes different, in different parts of the country.  Yes, I realize the Mr. Auto Dealer in one state will be different than Mr. Auto Dealer in another state.   But there are some “national” companies that I don’t remember advertising locally in my home state, but they do where I summer.   Maybe the people in the middle mid-west are less affluent than those in the upper mid-west. It must be that certain companies just know they won’t get any money from us. Truly, the vacation homes where I summer, rival any non-vacation mansion where I live.  Then again my home state’s educational ranking is 23rd, while my vacation state is 3rd. Could it be that I do live in a lower class state?

All summer, for the second summer, I’ve watched a youthful Debbie Boone talk up a life changing transformation.  Pictures flash by the screen showing flabby necked, puffy cheeked, wrinkled faced people turned into youthful models.  Ok, makeup, hair styles and lighting enhance the changes.

By the third time watching the commercial, I ran to the mirror to contemplate my own image.  Like I have said on other occasions, I don’t recognize the person looking back at me.  Just maybe that company can make me look 25 again, ok, 45 would be great, even 55 would be fine.

I began my on-line research, yes this was/is a national company.  Ewe, the transformation is a little pricey, yet, something was nagging at me.  When I stripped way the glamour, I thought…wait-a-minute, this is nothing more than a face lift, “plastic” surgery, by a different name.

It seems, I recall, somewhere in my past, a discussion about face lifts……and…what was it?  Ahhh, Yes, Vanity.  What was that about vanity, or a state of being vain?  I guess I remember that it’s sort of like being, self absorbed.  Making you, the center of importance.

As I watched the commercial later, I considered the vanity of it. Then my mind wandered into the consideration of; once the transformation is completed, the “new, old” person had a lot of pride in their appearance.

Humm, pride, ok not be preachy here, but isn’t there something about the “pride before the fall”?

Now that I have become astute to this facelift trickery stuff, I guess I’ll keep my money, and just be satisfied that, the person looking back at me in the mirror is STILL me, and the other person, the one that I remember, was yesterday. I already was him once.

Debbie Boone’s father was Pat Boone, who became a staunch Baptist.  I wonder what Pat would think of this, heck what would Daniel think?


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2 Responses to Boone

  1. Ben Griggs says:

    Somehow I doubt that you “ran” to the mirror 😉

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