Can I Afford That?

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And so the government is shut down…..again.

My wife got a letter last week.  It was a letter to all policyholders of Anthem Health Insurance.  It dealt with the Affordable Health Care Act.

I retired at an early age, having gotten my work done.  I was offered the opportunity to remain on my employers Health Care Plan, IF I paid 100% of the premiums.  Sounded reasonable to me, since my wife, also getting her work done early, to also retire. Our Family Policy, under my employers health plan, had a premium cost us $950/mo. seven years ago . There was minimal deductible/out of pocket concerns…the first year ($500 deductible/$1000 out of pocket).

To digress, if you are not aware, the medical world has TWO PRICES for everything.  There is the price your Insurance Provider negotiated for the service.  Then, there is the price the uninsured is charged for the same service, usually the uninsured pays in the neighborhood of 100-2000% greater than the insured price.

Our “Plan” changed every year, for six years, until the last year, the monthly premium became $1200.  The deductible became $3000 and out of pocket, $5000.

Back to my wife’s letter.  She being younger than I, needed to purchase her own health care plan, as I moved into the world of Medicare.  My wife has been paying higher premiums for coverage because she had a kidney stone THREE YEARS AGO.  The letter began, “Dear Customer, due to the AFFORDABLE HEALTH CAR ACT, your plan is being changed any your monthly premium will INCREASE 17%.  The deductible and out of pocket will be changed.

Obviously, the letter wasn’t capitalized, I took the liberty of drawing your attention.

WHEN will be know, how this Act will treat us?  No one is saying!  The Press, the Democrats, the Republicans poked fun at Sen. Cruz’s 21+ hour filibuster, BUT the only thing “sound bited” to the public was Green Eggs and Ham!

For those who are already are Health Care covered….where is the premium savings?

For those paying the bills, where is the decreased cost in Office Visits, Hospital Stays, Operations, medicines and equipment services?

Where is the elimination of the DOUBLE PRICING of medical charges?

Where is that the ONE PERSON, who will be honest and outline what the “Affordable Health Care Act” will do to us for the next 20 years!

If this Health Coverage is SO great for the country, WHY is Congress NOT covered by it?  Why does Congress get to keep their Cadillac plan without penalty?

I’m not sure I can afford the Affordable Health Care Act.  I’m not sure the country will allow older people have Health Care in the later years of life.


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One Response to Can I Afford That?

  1. bev says:

    amen – our premium increased $93 per month due to the Affordable Care Act…nothing else changed 😦

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